Help needed again

ivamaeFebruary 29, 2012

Seems like I am asking for a lot of help. I do really appreciate all your help.

I am running Windows 7 and have a cordless keyboard. Awhile ago strange things were happening and we thought it was the batteries so replaced them with a good brand. Everything seemed all right for a few days and then I started having problems again. After while it straightened up and has been fine. Now to-day it has started again.

When I went to proof read and found an error, if I tried to backspace to eliminate a letter or if I tried t delete just one letter, it was frozen and wouldn't do either. If I high ligted the complete word, it would delete that, without a problem. When I tried to type an apostrophe, it would come up as a French acute. I couldn't put quotation marks, or brackets. After while it was all right again. I had sent an email and they replied to it on the same email I had sent. Although I had proof read mine and it was fine, when it came back, what I had sent them was crazy in places. I had typed the word " don't" and it came back "donâ≢t . I had typed " I'm" and it came back " donâ≢t

I find it hard to think that this is part of a keyboard problem. Awhile ago I had used the translation feature of gmail to translate from English to Hungarian and had copied and pasted it into an email that I was sending by Rogers live mail to a relative in Hungary who does not know English. I'm wondering if this might have anything to do with this. As this problem only happens at intervals of several days or more, I hate to try another keyboard unless I'm reasonably sure that is the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Very strange. Although my message above, shows strange words, that is different than what I copied and pasted in the posting. However, it will give you an idea of what is happening.

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What shows up in your first post appears to me to be associated with encoding. What is your browser set to use, and what about your email program? I know very little about this, so this is just a guess on my part.

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Try doing a system restore back a few days before this started...Start>all programs>Accessories>System tools>System Restore

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Ivamae I see you live up here in the Great White North, have you unintentionally swapped to French?

Click Start
click Control panel
click Clock, Language and Region
click Region and Language and have a looksee there.

You might have a keyboard icon down near the clock, if so you could click there and see what pops up.

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owbist, I tried what you suggested and it is set for English.
Right now it is working just fine. I hope it continues but I won't hold my breath.

I haven't tried system restore yet. that may be worthwhile if it happens again.

I neglected to say that I'm using Firefox

Thanks everyone.

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Is this occurring in both Internet sites and on system based text documents?

In FF: View>Character Encoding Wheres the selection dot?


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This is happening when I type something in a Word document or in an email. It doesn't happen all the time. Right now it is all right. It may stay all right for a week or two and then start again.

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