Purple Bath Christmas Decor

phonegirlDecember 1, 2011

I finally cleaned up my mess in this bathroom tonight. Not really done but enough for tonight or maybe this year.haha Photobucket is working so great I'm posting these pictures too.

This is my same purple santa. I bought the lg purple flowers at Michaels and the lg gold ones at Shopko last year after Christmas.

Same trees and cp I shared last year on a table. I have two of these little glass tree jars. I've discovered how to fill them from all you enablers. It's so much better for my waistline to use Christmas balls instead of candy.haha I used one on here with two of the trees because my purple and green candles didn't work out.

Used the other purple tree, and some nativity figures I picked up at a ys. Wish they would of had the whole porcelain set. These are the only two nicer ornaments I've unpacked so far so wanted to use them.

This is my wall tree that I shared last year. Bought alot of picks last year at Michaels on clearance so added some to the top. I'm planning on using some in my lg tree if I ever put it up.

Hope I'm not over loading on all of you.


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Not overloading at all. I loooove your purple pretties, especially the wall tree. I know someone else who'll really enjoy this room to :-).
You've worked so hard, take a breather woman.

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Punk, its impossible to overload any of us with photos!
We love them, we need them, we beg for them, we demand them! LOL

The purple floral and picks sure look good in your rooms!
As hard as your work, its a wonder you have the time or energy to decorate. But I'm sure glad you do!

Now...what is going on with purple for this year's decorations? LOL. I know, y'all are just trying to show me that I don't have enough! (I do one of my little trees with my purple ornaments each year, but don't have all the neat stuff you and MM do. And I remember Candy does a big purple tree in one of her rooms too.)

Please Enablers, show me your photos but do NOT make me go shopping trying to "keep up with (purple) Jones on here".

hugs, Karen

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MM, I only decorated this room tonight. I started the other after Thanksgiving. If I was that fast I wouldn't be selling phones for a living.LOL

Karen, I have a purple spare bedroom and bath. I decorate it every year with purple. If you need more picks and things, Michaels would love to sell you some.LOL

Please Enablers, show me your photos but do NOT make me go shopping trying to "keep up with (purple) Jones on here". Good one! You know Mr Smith and Mr Jones can break you, trying to keep up. That's what momma always said.haha

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day.


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Punk, your decorations are beautiful. I especially love your wall tree. Also love to see all your pictures. Thank you for sharing.


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Oh that wall tree is magnificient w/all the picks/ornies of purple! You did a great job decorating your bath! The large purple/gold arrangement reflecting in your bathroom mirror is so lovely...looks like purple pinecones beside it w/gold lids(?) & love the cone trees! Wow! Pretty darn elegant, punk! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Love the purple! Really like your three trees that are grouped in the bathroom and the one on the door...very elegant looking!

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Marylee, Jeanne and Marlene, I don't have much time to spend on decorating. It's always fun to read your comments on what I do and know others appreciate the effort.

The purple pinecones are candle holders. I was to lazy to go get candles so placed a couple gold ornaments on them on my way out with extras. I'm busted huh Jeanne?LOL Thanks again for all your wonderful comments.


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Oh, how very pretty, I would love to use purple in my Christmas decorating, but it just wouldn't match.
So I really enjoy Looking at the picture of those who do.

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Me, too, nana! I am lovin' the 'purples!' that some Holiday-ers are using! Guess purplemoon is rubbin' off on us! LOL! Jeanne S.

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I love the purple trees! It makes everything so elegant looking.

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Nana, will you explain why purple wouldn't work for you? I've mixed shades of purple with alot of different colors and loved them. Maybe it's time to try something new and different.haha

Jeanne, I can see purple mixing with alot of your decor.

Oakley, I agree with purple making things look elegant. It's such a bold color.

I'm having a harder time using red this year but have so many red things for Christmas! My Christmas tree always tends to have alot of red tho. I used alot of lime green because it was on clearance last year after the Holiday.

Purplemoon has been on top of this color for along time. Maybe she knows more than she's telling.LOL

Thanks for the comments.


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That's funny, Punk. Do you know that purple REALLY does not work in my house, so anyone who visits has NO idea I love the color. Except at Christmas. (hear that, NanaK?
LOL) Mr O. would probably HAVE noticed had I done things
in shades of purple!! (I saw some walls painted neat shades on the Home Decor forum awhile back and loved them!!) Meanwhile, my "other" favorite color is burgundy and that does work fine. An accent wall in my living-room is that color, two of the large area rugs have it, and it just goes with everything easily.

I LOVE how purple is now a big color for Halloween decor,
and of course Christmas. Tho the latter makes sense as its a jewel tone and all of them are so pretty for it.

Meanwhile, if I happen to be rubbing purple off on y'all,
well hooray for me. LOL.

Punk...are you kidding me?? For someone who doesn't have much time to decorate, you sure could have fooled us with all you do!!

hugs, Karen

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very nice Punk and TFS your decor so far. I have never used purple for decorating but can see how very regal it looks. I did have a teal and lavender tree one year but gradually deleted the lavender and added more silver so now it is teal and silver, You got me thinking that I need to drag out the lavender and purple ornaments again and do a small tree. I am sure I can find a place for it - lol .....


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Punk, am I seeing purple acorns in that one pic? Sure looked like acorns to me--but I've never seen purple ones. I too think purple is a very elegant color but really don't have any in my home. I do have a very dear friend who always wears purple--she had on the cutest purple clogs the last time she was here! My little DGD calls her the "purple lady". LOL All of your decor looks really pretty, and I especially like your toppers on your tree and all of the cone shaped trees you used. Good job!


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