Counter Depth Refrigerators

weimomJuly 31, 2012

I am looking to replace my full depth refrigerator with a counter depth refrigerator and would like input on models/brands that you may like. I am leaning toward a French door but am considering side by sides also. I am still undecided about the in door ice/water.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

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We bought the Kenmore Elite which is really a Samsung side by side. It is 24cu.ft which I think it one of the largest standard counter depth fridges you can get probably.

The fridge itself is great, no problems with it at all, runs great, almost totally silent only hear it once in awhile.
The Ice/Water in the door is excellent also has a 7" display screen which is nice.
Never had a problem of any kind with it.

Having said that, in our next house I am not getting another CD fridge because the drawers are not big enough and we just plain need more room.
OR if we had a kitchen which we really need a CD because a regular fridge would look horrible I would buy another fridge to stick out in the garage which would actually be ideal.
Only problem here is that we do not have a garage.
Something our next place is definitely going to have, in fact I am looking for a GARAGE first that happens to have a house attached to it.

So if a 24cu/ft fridge with drawers that aren't very big works for your needs then the Samsung side by side is great, that is going to be a slight problem with ANY CD version, its the nature of the beast.

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I got an KitchenAid CD\FD fridge a little over a month ago.
So far. love it. Moved the old side-by-side to the garage. I opted to not get in-door ice\water because of price. CD fridges cost a premium as it is and an xtra 9hun was just not worth it. So far I do not miss the in door ice or water. Some things to consider with CD fridges: in door ice makers take up fridge space(obvious) and the implementation by makers varies. KitchenAid opts to go with a small tub but has a dedicated freezer air feed. Some of the ice makers are big. Also "counter depth" varies from brand to brand. Mine is 24" deep to the door seal others are deeper you have to check the measurements. I really like the french doors. Also there are 2 main types of door seals. KitchenAid and the other Whirlpool brands have the Amana seal with the flip strip. Others are friction. I do not know about the upper end brands such as Liebherr etc., because $6k+ for a fridge is not within my budget or worth the price imo.

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Thanks for the input! I have spent my day researching and looking at models in the stores and have decided to go with the KA CD/FD with the internal water/ice. The price for the 69" was very good. I really wanted the 71" but my space was a little too short. All is well though, as the shorter model is $900 less. I think I can live with a smaller fridge since I will be moving my side by side to the garage where I also have a freezer. Thanks again!

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