'Not a creature was stirring.....'

PurplemoonDecember 23, 2010

I had to laugh at how comfortable this kitty looks with it's head resting on the roof. And the Village certainly seems to be intact. It also tickled me cause this kitty really looks like my Penguin, who wouldn't disturb a thing either! Unlike Jazz-Trouble. LOL.

Merry Catmas from Karen

and Jazz

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I currently have a few of my cats helping me take down the small tree a little early--I keep restoring it, telling them to lay off until Sun at the very earliest. ;-(
I forget what ver I'm up too....probably 20.0


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What a Kodak moment. Very cute. I love animal pics.


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Karen, What a cute picture!
I would think the snow would get stuck to his claws
Jazz looks cute all decked out for the holidays
Looks like he's looking around to see what trouble he can cause!!
Merry Christmas

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I just love cats and Christmas - you can get some really cute pictures - we have been very fortunate with our cats - one will occasionally get up into a tree but does no damage or rearranging. All of our cats have 'slept' in the village at some point but again no damage TFS .....


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I still look at this photo and am amazed how it could be my little cat, so identical in markings. I love seeing pix of cats in villages and Christmas trees, and usually add them to our Inspiration albums for laughs.

Jim, I read that some cat loves do a Cat Tree. Hanging kitty toys, pom poms, unbreakable ornaments, cat treats,feathers, etc.
Then putting empty boxes, open at one end of course, and some bunched up wrapped paper under the tree! LOL.
Its supposed to make cats very happy and with luck, even help them leave your things alone.

hugs and happy holidays,

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So you found that pic? Amazing.
Now I know why I don't have pets!

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Now how could you not love a face like that? LOL Amazing that it got in there and didn't mess everything up on the way! Luvs

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