Appliance upgrades (induction, speed cooking)

angiebangieJuly 7, 2012

I have learned so much already on this forum, but I have a few specific questions that I haven been able to find answers on yet.

I know there have been several threads about this, but I have some specific questions. We NEED a new dishwasher, ans we are getting stainless to replace white. That leads us to wanting to replace the other appliances too. Fridge is working fine, but I'm in love with the new Samsung French door with flex drawer. Micro and range both are pretty crappy, so upgrading them would make me happy too.

Dishwasher: pretty sure we're going with KA, but unsure how important pot scrubbers really are. I want to be able to not wash my dishes off before I load the dishwasher.

Fridge: unless I suddenly find horrid reviews on the Samsung, we're going with that.

Range: we currently have a free standing, but I would rather have a slide in. Induction is a must. I'm leaning towards the Electrolux over the GE because I hate the cat eye look of the profile, but I really love the look of the frigidaire. The problem is that it is a hybrid, which I don't want. Do I jump on the Electrolux now (sears has it on sale) or wait a few months to see if something new comes out? I have read that the best time to buy is September or holidays.

Micro: I really like the idea of a speed oven, but my wiring is only for a 120. Does the advantium 120 have bad enough reviews to just skip the speed cooking idea and go with a microwave, or is it still worth it to get it, just get an extended warranty?

Speaking of extended warranties, I know sears prices theirs ridiculously high. I feel comfortable without getting one on the DW and maybe the fridge, but I know there have been problems with the range and especially the advantium. I there another place to get a good warranty?

We are shopping at sears because of the 0%financing offer, and they price match everyone else. Home depot is another option, although they don't yet carry Electrolux (they will begin to in August, but they are still not carrying KA).

TIA for all of the opinions!!!!

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I have an Advantium OTR 120 for 7 years. I haven't had a problem with it. I didn't even know that they were prone to problems. I'm buying another for our new house.

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Oh, that's good to know! Thanks

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If you decide to go with an Electrolux, watch for rebates. They frequently run them and they're worth waiting for.


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Oh really? About how much are they usually and how do you find out about them?

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Check Lowe's for KA dishwashers and the Lowe's extended warranties available.

With the KitchenAid dishwashers, there are basic two types to choose between and you need to know which one you are buying.

One has the built-in food grinder --- slightly noisier, no pre-wash in sink required. Just scrape, light rinse if you desire, and put in DW. (Just like my current 12 y/o Kenmore Elite)

Other has a filter that has to be removed and cleaned out from time to time, YMMV regarding frequency. I would tend to want to rinse dishes more thoroughly with this type, even though others might say 'no need'.

We're going with the built-in food grinder model in our new kitchen. I'm to old to be kneeling on the floor and reaching into the DW to remove a filter. Practical (orthopedic) ergonomics wins in our kitchen.

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If you have free standing range and thinking about just replacing it with the Electrolux induction slide-in, it may not properly fit. First off depending on your counter tops, it may pose an issue with the sides of the control panel frame. Also, you'll have to get filler strip for the back.

What I like about the GE slide-in is that they made it to fit in a regular freestanding space, with no filler strip needed on the back, and no "notch" on the counter tops to fit the control panel.

I personally don't mind the "cat eye" door design, as it is on my GE OTR Microwave.

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I forgot to update! We ended up finding a good deal on a 500 series Bosch DW, and after 6 weeks I still love it.

I have gone over the installation manual for the Electrolux and it appears that everything will be ok with installation if we go that route, but I still haven't ruled out the GE completely. I'm really hoping that frigidaire comes out with a slide in that is full induction and not hybrid.

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I'm sorry I didn't see your question. Electrolux rebates come around a few times a year--ask at your local retailer, most will be more than happy to let you know if they are running one. Retailers can run rebates specific to their store, and Electrolux also runs rebates. Theirs can be found at their site, scroll to the bottom and look at 'limited time offers' in the bottom right.


Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Appliances

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as to the 120 Advantium, the only complaints I'm aware of have to do with its cooking speed relative to the 220v model. That is, it only has something like 1500w elements instead of 2500w. So it takes a bit longer to preheat. So what?

If you were going to skip it and go microwave, look for a microwave/convection combination. Sharp makes a nice one. I can't say anything good about the GE.

The only thing I've seen 'negative' about the Samsung is from CR. They noted that the Sammy uses more power than others out there.

I think there are extended warranty vendors out there that you can purchase separately. You would need to search them out.

The Elux is a bit persnickety as to its installation but if you're sure you can deal with it then it is a fine unit.

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