check out this Christmas deer OVER mantel

PurplemoonDecember 5, 2010

I was going thru all those blog links to decorated mantels and saw this idea for a deer head. Pretty cool thing to do.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: mantel deer head

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This is a great idea. I love seeing what talent is out there. As soon as I started reading her blog. I knew what they had done. I don't have a mantel but I'm sure some on here will try this. I have a whole herd of the deer so will try to remember to not throw them away when they quit working. I love the new deer at Costco this year.


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That's pretty cleaver, I'm still on the fence about if I like it or not. I went on a tour of homes yesterday and they had a tree with deer horns and whole pheasant skins, which was a little weird for even me.

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Clever thinking...and definitely different.
I'm with Frou and not sure I like it that much..then again
'Different Strokes for Different Folks'!

Frou I'm doing a Christmas House Tour next's done very 'New England'... don't think I'll be seeing deer horn trees or pheasant skins >> Sounds like they were really thinking 'Outside of the Box' !! lol


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Excessfroufrou wrote "That's pretty cleaver,"

I love that unintentional typo "cleaver" for a project involving removing a deer's head--even a wire deer! Frou, you must have been thinking about those pheasant skins (which I agree, are *definitely* weird). ;)

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For years I had a real deer head hung over one of the doors in the library. It was my older brother's first deer he shot long ago (the first of many) and had one big antler and one small one. He was going to get rid of it, and I said I'd take it. Even tho I don't like hunting and I know the idea of an animal head on the wall freaks some people out.

Anyhow, I used to decorate it with a big red ribbon around its neck every Christmas. One day I walked through said door (from bedroom to library)and the deer head came crashing down and missed me by 1/2 inch! The poor deer's nose was smashed. I was sad, but couldn't throw "him" away; so now it is hanging down in the storage shed on a wall. ha.

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LOL...pheasant skins on trees (YUCK) and a poor deer who not only had mismatched antlers but got his nose smashed.

I'm not sure I like the wire deer head myself, tho do like the creativeness. I LOVE our Jim's faux deer head that he decorates for Christmas tho. It looks real but knowing its not makes me enjoy it. Being a total animal lover, I don't enjoy dead ones on the walls. (at the antique mall one time they had a huge WHITE Buffalo head for sale, for several thousand dollars. I just stood in front of him with tears running down my face. He was awesome, and I
wished he was still alive.)

hugs, Karen

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A white buffalo? Oh my goodness, do you think he was really a victim of a hunter? Too sad, can't believe someone would allow that.

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