Please help--tw0 pr0blems!

patti43February 10, 2013

As y0u can see, my first pr0blem is that my letter "0" isn't w0rking. It just suddenly started yesterday. I had the same thing happen with my "Q" key but after a few days it c0rrected itself. Anything I can d0, 0r d0 I need a new keyb0ard? Bad thing is I can't access my e-mail since it's Yah00!

My sec0nd pr0blem is that after I cleared 0ut my c00kies, temp. files, etc., I have t0 enter my passw0rd every day 0n every site I visit. What d0 y0u supp0se I did t0 it??

I sure appreciate any help 0r tips s0 I d0n't have either pr0blem again ;-)

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When you cleared your cookies, any site that you sign into with a password had the cookies cleared, too. Once you have signed back in to all of them, the cookies will be restored and you won't have to sign in.

Is this a laptop that you're having keyboard problems with? I would suggest using some canned air and blow gently around all the letters. It's possible that some crumbs or dust or other debris is causing the problem and the letter o is not making proper contact. If it's a separate keyboard and not on a laptop, try turning it over and giving a good shake.

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Thanks fr yur answer grandms, but it was ab0ut a week ag0 I cleared everything and I still have t l0g 0n every day. This never happened bef0re.

I did use the canned air and als0 turned the keyb0ard upside d0wn t0 tap any crumbs 0ut.

It isn't a lapt0p and has a separate keyb0ard. Just tried giving it a shake again but it still d0esn't w0rk.

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Try another keyboard. Most likely that's what you need.
There are keymapper programs that would allow you to assign another key that maybe you don't use to the Ooh.

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Google mapkeyboard
You can swap key positions with this program to put your O two keys over to the right for example.
Like most free program offers, if there is more than one download button on the entire page, read the text beside them carefully. You often find the item you really want is not the first thing on offer.

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I'll echo the others:

1. Buy a new keyboard, they're cheap.
2. To avoid the problem happening again. don't eat while using your PC, it's not a smart practice. The only cookies near your PC should be the electronic kind.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you may have set your cookies to be cleared after each shutdown of your browser or pc check your settings and see if that is the case, if so change that so that your cookies will remain and you don't have to re inter your info each time.

New keyboards are cheap and easy to find, I have several piled up here, ask around someone probably has an extra. Goodwill and Salvation army and thrift shops usually have bins of them.

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Raven, that's exactly what I must've d0ne, because it's fine n0w. N0w f0r a new keyb0ard!! Thanks s0 much!!

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