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luvstocraftDecember 9, 2010

Thought you might like to see the trees and decorations on this blog. She makes fantastic bows and even decorates other people's homes for Christmas. Have fun. Luvs

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas creations

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Luvs, I am completely blown away by her decor & envy her bow making talent, I can't make a decent bow to save my life!

All the use of ribbon even around the entryway doors, just amazing!

Her decor truly rivals the holiday decorating I've seen on TV by the decorating experts, she should have a show of her own!

Karen, check out the Chef Santa's in the house she decorated & notice the tiny pastries etc. Too cute!

Luvs, thanks for posting this, really saves many of us time when someone finds a cool blog & posts it for all to enjoy!

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Yacht, I have that same bow making problem. So frustrating!

Luvs, darn it, its 2am here and I really need to go to bed.
Plus have a headache...and you go and show this blog.
I'll HAVE to go look at it now, or I'll lie there in bed thinking about what great pictures might be on it. Thanks a lot, LOL

hugs, Karen

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Those are some beautiful decorations, I could see why she decorated other people's homes.

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I think I read that she used to work at a Florists. She does make gorgeous bows and uses so much ribbon. I think she sells her frames and things too. Did you see those two homes she decorated? Huge and gorgeous! I can't even imagine being up on the ladder to do the topper on those trees! Glad you gals liked looking too. Karen, I sure hope you found the pics were worth staying up for! LOL Should I say "Sorry"?


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Thanks for posting that Luvs!

What great ideas. She really is talented!


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