Please help me pick a range?

mom2sethcJuly 26, 2012


I am ready to replace my current 30" free standing range for a couple of reasons. 1) don't like burner coniguration and amount of BTU's 2) want to replace my very basic range with something with more style and slide-in (backless).

I need an all gas oven and am trying to decide if I need a double oven? There are times that I find that I am making 2 things that both require different temps, I was thinking that a double oven would be nice. I don't find too many options for me in a 30 in range, am I better off skipping the double oven and just getting a nice single oven?

I have been considering the GE Cafe 30 inch w/ double oven, does anyone have any other suggestions? Or comments on this range?

One other bit of info, I currently have an OTR microwave with vent, so I am thinking that I cannot go with some higher BTU's pro ranges.

Thanks for your help!


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Can't help with double-oven stoves but you can find a lot of recent postings on OTR microwaves by doing a search on the term "OTR." You will see several folks using them over ranges like the NXR and discussing their experiences with them.

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Well the NXR is not "slide in/backless" but it only has a little 4" riser in the back.
Also for $2000 or less you will not find a better value in ranges than a 30" NXR. Leaps and bounds ahead of any GE.

I have an OTR microwave over mine and it works just fine like 95% of the time.
If I turn on all 4 burners, throw down my 2 burner griddle frying up mountains of bacon & sausage and have the oven going for biscuits and the other 2 burners full bore on whatever then yeah it can get overwhelmed.
The NXR can put out I think its 82,000 BTU with everything going.
BUT it works and in my situation is really the only viable option because I need a microwave, don't have counter space to burn and didn't have an extra $1800+ to put in a nice hood vented outside.

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