My new Bluestar range is coming! I have questions!

Kristen HallockJuly 10, 2013

My Bluestar RNB range should be delivered in the next 7 days or so. It was shipping from the appliance store today.

We did end up getting In-house delivery. There are supposed to be 2 people unpacking it and bringing it into the house (in to the room of my choice). We will have the upper cabinets in place and probably the base cabinets too. I will have a 36" Pot&Pan drawer cabinet on each side of the range. I was thinking of having one of these not installed (on the left of the range) so that the gas guy could get in there to actually hook up the range when he comes.

So I am imagining that the delivery guys will bring it in the house and put it in the area where it will live, but maybe away from the wall 6-12" or so. (so gas guy can do his thing).

But what should I put on the bottom of the range (the feet) so that it will not scratch my new hardwood floors? Should I buy that thick felt? Or would furniture sliders be better?

Any advice would be welcome.

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Kristen Hallock

One more question - I am just getting the island trim with it since I plan on having a tile backsplash. But the backsplash is a DIY venture and I dont want to have to wait to put that in before I can start cooking. What can I use behind the range until then? can I buy a piece of sheetmetal or something that is non-flammable?

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You can lessen the weight by removing the grates, burner bowls, and oven racks. Maybe even griddle or grill, if it has one. I slid my range in and out of the space several times on hardwood floors during the reno. The feet are fairly broad, and slid without any damage to my floor. As far as the temp backsplash, a piece of sheet metal would work, or if it's not going to be too long, you might just pull the range out an inch or two away from the wall until you get your backsplash in.

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Sheet steel would be fine as a temporary backsplash. Big box hardware stores often carry ready-made ones in 30" wide and 36" wide panels to go with the range hoods they sell. (Around here, Home Depot and Lowe's stash these backsplashes with the range hoods.) Available in colors as well as stainless. Or, just go to a metal shop and have them cut you a thin sheet of stainless.

Or, if you don't like the metal and it will be a while before you get to your tiling project, you can use a sheet of tempered glass, instead. (Get one side with an opaque or frosted pattern on it, and put that side facing the wall.)

On the cabinets and the gas line: don't know about your town, but around here everybody runs a flexible line from the gas outlet to the stove. This is mandatory because it allows you to pull the stove in and out and get to the mandatory shut-off valve. If the gas fittings are already in place behind the stove, you should not need to pull the side cabinet or drawer.

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Depending on where your gas line comes in, your plumber/gas guy will likely need more than 6 to 12 inches of space to work in to install the line. I would have them leave the range right in front of the spot where it goes, all lined up to be slid in. You can also get one of those plastic sheets ... furniture slides, I think they're called, and have the range placed on that on your floor. Then when the gas lines are hooked up, you just slide it off that and into place.

Are you saying that your base cabinets are not installed yet and you are going to install them around the range? You said you were thinking of leaving one of the cabinets out so that the gas guy can get back there to do his thing. They normally install the range after the cabinets are in, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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Congrats on your new range. Your gas guy will appreciate it if you leave out the left hand cabinets, but he will be able to run the line even if you have them installed - he will just need to get the range completely out of the cavity to run the gas line, and then the shut off and flex hose. Do you already have a 120 electrical outlet - that is not GFCI protected - you will need that as well. IMHO, the installation instructions from Bluestar are pretty meager, but there are some good photos on GardenWeb showing where you want the gas line to be.

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Kristen Hallock

I thought I responded to this, but maybe I missed it.

I was worried that having to slide the range into place would scratch the floors. But it sounds like I can have the delivery guys place the range right on the hardwood floors and when we are ready to slide it in place it should slide easily and not ruin the floors. So thats good!

I do have the gas line in place in the correct location and also the non GFCI outlet ready as well.

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KHALLOCK, I would still put something under it so when you do slide it in you don't do any damage, just to be safe. You can just get a sheet of something to put under it and if it damages the area under where it will ultimately rest you won't see that.

Just my 2 cents.


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Kristen Hallock

Thanks Phil.

I have that stuff called RamBoard down all over my 1st floor right now to protect the hardwood floors. I will probably cut it away under where the stove will sit and have the guys leave the range on top of the ramboard for now. Then I can slide it into place and the ramboard will protect the floors that will show and if something does scratch, it will only be the part under the stove.

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That is the same stuff they used during our remodel and it is tough, not that it can't rip though. But I think that is a great idea, better safe than sorry.


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I used a type of furniture sliders, 'magic sliders 'or some silly name. They came in various sizes, and they are still there.

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