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kathi_mdgdFebruary 3, 2013

photobucket. For sometime now i've been having problems getting into photobucket especailly to share pictures.

I can open it,and get in,then when i try to get a photo to share on another forum it stops working and the message at the bottom is always the same

"Photobucket is NOT responding due to long running script"

What are they talking about and how do i fix it.It happend with the old pb,so i uploaded the new pb and it does the same thing.It's been doing this for quite a while now.PB hasn't been much help either.

I'm so frustrated i feel like throwing this computer thru the window.

Can someone please help me fix this??

Oh and i'm not new to GW,just to this computer site,i've been on the GW for about 12 years and hang out at the gardening sites,the kitchen table,sewing and quilting sites among others.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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What browser and version do you use?

What Windows operating system?

This problem is usually browser related..

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Thanks for responding,sorry i didn't get back to you last night,but dh was already asleep,and i wasn't sure if i had the right answers,then this am we had an appt.

The browser is internet explorer8
the windows is 7.Is that enough information,or do you need more.

I thank you for responding to me.

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Kathi, not Zep here, but if you are using Win 7, you should update your IE to a later version since IE8 does have some security concerns. I know there is a version 9, and now maybe even version 10 for operating systems later than XP.

Sorry I can't help with PB, but Zep or someone else will help with that, I'm sure.

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Yes! I would install Internet Explorer 9, problem may go away with photo Bucket.

Here is a link that might be useful: IE 9 Download page

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Photobucket is so flakey always. I know a craft forum I viist they are all having trouble with it and complaining more than ever lately so it may have nothing to do with your computer. I ditched it ages ago and now that webshots is gone I use image shack if I need to post photos on forums and so far so good but I really miss webshots. Mary

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Thanks everyone,and HI Mary.I'm the penny4/kathi from 123 stitch,nice to see you here.

Dh cleaned up my computer this AM and installed windows 10,so far that appears to have solved the problem with photobucket.

Mary what craft forum do you go to,is it the one here at the GW??

Again thanks everyone I sure appreciate the help.

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Nice to see you here, glad he got it sorted. I don't go to a general site for all crafts but just the crochet one here on garden webs and crochetville. Mary

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