Does a triflow kitchen faucet approved for RO water exist?

jenny1963July 15, 2012

I have an eclectic kitchen with some modern and many traditional elements. I also have a retrofitted Blanco zero radius 30" sink with one hole, and would rather not replace the sink AND faucet. Does anyone know of one? Apparently, RO water is very aggressive.

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Jenny: so sorry I didn't see that you asked me a follow up question in your previous thread.

Yes the franke, and probably most others, use their own filtration system for their tri flows. It is easy to connect to an ro system tho. Is it "approved"? I doubt it because they want to sell you on their very expensive ssystems.

As far as the ro being aggressive, although this is true I don't think you will have any problems. The newer franke tri flows have a flexible braided connection rather than the older ones which employed semi rigid copper. The metal tubing is what was the concern about being "eaten away" by the ro. Even in those cases with metal tubing I had some clients with this setup that I had not heard of any issues over many years.

If you are not comfy using one of these faucets then you could always get a dedicated ro faucet. I can tell you tho thru real life experiences, not text book theories, that you likely will not have issues with a tri flow. Will it last forever? Nope. Nothing does. But forever is a very long time.

Please don't stress too much over this. You won't really go wrong with whatever you choose.

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Some sources of water when stripped of most chemicals by RO will end up acidic and be "aggressive" to some metals. But the water may also end up still slightly alkaline, and not be aggressive. That is true of my RO water, derived from municipal water. Had it not been alkaline, I would have added an available in-line filter that buffers it to be slightly alkaline.

On the subject of RO, today I noticed that Newport Brass RO faucets are flow rate limited to meet some imposed requirement. I can only marvel at the ignorance of whoever promulgated such a requirement. If one is filling a glass or a pot, one is going to fill it the same amount whether it takes 30 seconds or 130 seconds. Flow rate limitation saves no RO water, it only wastes peoples' time.


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