Where can we add a linen closet with this master bath plan?

threeapplesJuly 6, 2012

just for reference, my husband chose a larger jacuzzi tub so there is something like just under 4 ft between the tub and the wall, which means there is nowhere in that area to do a linen closet.

the plan shows a dressing table, which my architect indicated to be an antique vanity I have from my great-grandmother. i love the look of a bathroom looking "collected" and not all "built in," which is why I thought to put that piece in here. But, now I'm wondering if I should have something built in there for towel storage.

This is a historic looking Georgian home so I don't want anything contemporary looking.

On another note, any ideas where we can put a towel warmer?

Thanks for any ideas!

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Between toilet and window on bottom wall?

Or, can you move your dressing table to under that window and put your linen cabinet where you table is drawn?

On another note, will your toilet room have that in-swing door? It really should be an outswing for safety.

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Also, can you rotate the tub 90*?

Can you put the linen tower at either end of the tub in the space between tub and wall (the "dead end")?

For your towel bars-- on the wall between main door and your current location of dressing table.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would put dressing table under window so the light shines evenly on your face and put the linen where the dressing table was.

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What about putting a wall from the end of the railing on the stairs to the bathroom to close off that space, and put a door in the bathroom wall next to the tub? I get what you are trying to do with the symmetry between the shower and toilet area. A linen closet in place of the toilet would work well, but then there's not a good place to relocate the toilet.

That's a large room. If you use the tub a good deal, you might want one towel warmer in the wall there, and one nearer the shower. I've never had one, but if I was building a bathroom with all the amenities, I would not want to be cold getting out of the bath!

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Why not square off shower and toilet compartment? Then you can have a nice armoire against the toilet compartment wall to hold linens.

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I purchased a vanity to use in our bathroom while we were building. Love love having it in the room. We do not have a linen closet in our bathroom either. An armoire could have gone where the vanity is located.

We store the extra towels in the (deep) bottom drawer of our double vanity (it's very long, so center section comes out a bit and is 36") , and bed linens are stored in an armoire in the MBR.

I would square up the toilet room and have the door open out, or not have a door at all. Someone on GW several years ago posted about her DH passing out inside a toilet room and they could not get the door open - his body was blocking the door. He lived, but...

Towel warmer could go on the outside wall there. Or one wall as you're coming in doorway. Guess you could see from MBR then, but it would at least be close to the shower.

Here is a link that might be useful: my vanity - last picture

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The tub has been installed already.
We enlarged the shower a little bit and the vanity is something like 72 in long.
We squared off the shower and water closet and changed the door to outswing.
I'll have to check how far down the window goes, but I think the vanity would block a good bit of it.
If we put a linen closet to the left of the main window it would interrupt the curtains and take away from the symmetry of that section.
If I had something built for line s on the wall where the vanity is shown what style should it be? I want the bathroom to look collected and historic.
Thanks, everyone.

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This is what I have in mind for an armoire to hold linens:

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There are some great ideas for built in things floating around here, maybe in remodeling?

What about recessing some shelves into the wall to the right of the windows where the WC is? Use the 5 or so inches of the wall depth and steal 6-7 inches from inside the WC. Might need to shift the door to the WC down a few inches though, not sure where it is exactly with the new shape.

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