Mastic Deep Gray and American Legend Granite Gray

nikinikinineJune 6, 2012

If anyone has pictures of their homes sided in Mastic Deep Gray or American Legend Granite Gray, would you mind posting them? The other colors we are considering we were able to see on homes in our area. But these colors are not available to us (and of course are two of the ones we are most strongly considering). Thanks in advance.

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We are currently in the process of building and they are just finishing up our Mastic Deep Granite. I'm not sure if that is the same color you are talking about but here are some picture. I can't get the full house in any of the pictures because the construction trailers are all in the way, but here are a couple different angles...

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We also used Mastic Deep Granite and I really like it. If I had to say it has any undertone at all, I'd say it has a slight blue undertone (some gray siding options tend toward a greenish or brownish or even pinkish cast, but I really like the gray of this).

I can't post pics right now, but DutchCabbage gave you some great ones to go by.

Your builder should be able to get 1 piece as a sample for you to see (better than the little 2" x 5" chips they have).

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Yes! I meant Deep Granite. Have you ever tried completing a thought with two 17 month olds vying for your attention? You type stupid things when that happens :)

Thanks for the correction and the images. Gorgeous home!

And thanks for the advice on getting a larger siding sample. I had no idea that was an option!

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I understand completely!
And I would also agree with does look blue in certain lights but we don't mind as we started out wanting a dark blue but changed our minds and went with the dark gray instead because some friends had just done their new house in a dark blue. We really love the color. It looks really classic IMHO.
Also our siding sample that we got from our builder didn't look as dark as the siding actually was. We are happier with the darker color, but I would guess that means it will probably fade...
Good luck with your decision!

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Love the house pictures dutchcabbage. I am breaking ground next week and have decided on the deep granite color for the siding. What manufacturer/color shingle did you go with? Any info would be appreciated.

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