Just a little Christmas

luvstocraftDecember 13, 2010

Thought I'd share a few pics with all of you. I've had allot going on this year, so didn't do as much as I usually would. Not doing the tree this year--going to our son's for Christmas and just didn't want to mess with it. I've got other stuff all over the place, so don't think we will miss it too much.

Here's a pic of the front door and my shutter snowman and another wooden snowman I've cut out and painted.

Here's the lamppost in front of our house. The cooler weather has been hard on my lawn this year, but it should green back up if we get some warmer days.

We have this shelf on the front window so it's a good place to display this little train. DH is a retired engineer for those who don't know.

The fireplace and the snow family I've had for several years. The Merry Christmas sign is something new I made this year. Think I need to make a paper garland to go across the front of the mantel. Wish Santa would bring me a new pretty mantel. ;o)

Simple little snowman cookie jar and wreath on the kitchen table. Have to keep it simple and easy to move because this table gets used for lots of things.

Enough for this post. More to come.


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Luvs, your porch decor looks so welcoming with the Snowmen and poinsettias. That train is wonderful, did you make it?
I don't remember seeing it before! Its so colorful, and that window is a perfect spot for it.

I like your Snowman family and the fireplace decor. Those are some BIG, nice looking Snowmen! I can understand not wanting to do the work of putting up your big tree this year. You always decorate it so beautifully but am sure its a huge job. So MANY I know this year are doing 'less'
due to Life getting in the way.

The cookie jar is really cute and you did such a great centerpiece with it, that isn't too much but still 'plenty'. Your chairs almost look like a picket fence behind them! Did you plan that? LOL. I Luv It.

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Beautiful decorations on porch. I especially love the shutter snowman. What is that reflection in your windows? Palm trees and mountains? Looks like you live in a wonderful area!! What a view! 7 degrees this morning in the midwest. I am jealous!


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Luvs - How all so very festive and full of holiday cheer-- and what a great way to greet your guests with your porch display...an appetizer before the main course.;-)

Love your snowpeople family and the train in window!

BTW - are those snowflake trivets on your table?


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Luvs, Everything looks wonderful. I love the snow family in front of your fireplace. The front of your house really is welcoming, so bright and cheerful.

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I love all your decorations. They are beautiful. I have some shutters I bought at a garage sale a few years ago with the thought that I would do something creative with them. If you don't mind I will try a snowman like you did. That is so cute. Thank you for sharing.


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Like ladypat, I was drawn to your window display ... that box is wonderful to change out for the holidays...love the train set in there but the lace, narrow blinds & reflections of the scenery just had me drooling over it! Pretty pic!

Looks very welcoming at your front door! You are such a good painter & love your snowmen! Your fireplace & snow people looks good! Have you been a good girl & told Santa about your wish list for a "mantle." You could always add to the top of the current mantle, too.

Well, I'd feel right at home at your place! Snowmen & lots of fun stuff! Bring on the hot cider! TFS, luvs! Jeanne S.

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Oh, you all make me feel so good. Nice to know others appreciate my efforts! LOL Actually my neighbor and her niece saw me decorating the other day and came over wanting to see it all. ;o)

Karen, the little train is a lightweight plastic and has lights all over it so looks really cute at night too. I've used it out in the yard, in the rose planters and now here. The snowmen have been around a few years and I love them--my puppy dog, not so much, she growls at them! LOL

Ladypat, yes, you are seeing mountains and palm trees in the window reflection. If I'm lucky and we get more rains, there just might be some snow on top of the mountains for Christmas. ;o) We are in So. Calif. east of L.A. about 45 minutes.

Jim, nice to see you here! Yes, those are a couple of snowflake trivets--thought I might set a couple of candles on them but haven't pulled the candles out yet.

Nana, this is our "retirement cottage". We downsized, paid off as much as we could and remodeled this house about a year before we retired. It's just right for the two of us and our furbabies. I'm glad it looks cheerful.

Marylee, the shutter was really easy to paint and is so lightweight and easy to store. I have one more left to paint and some short ones as well. Hope you will share pics of yours with us when you get it finished.

Jeanne, I haven't told Santa about wanting a new mantle--yet. Actually someday I'd like to have wood side pieces and a "beefed up" mantle made for it. It's on my "someday" list. Glad you enjoyed my view--I've sort of been longing to see your's with all that pretty clean white fluffy snow! I'm a born and raised Missouri girl you know. Spent many years traipsing through the snow! ;o) Come on out and we'll have cider and maybe even some eggnog too! ;o)

Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone.


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Luvs, your outside decorations are great. Love your mantel all decorated. I don't think you will miss your tree with all the other decorations you have out. The snowman trio makes me wanna dance just looking at them. So glad you got your decorating done and posted.

Your painted sign on your lamp post will be a traffic stoppper. It's so bright and cheery. Are you tired yet? You should be after all of this wonderful decorating. Love to come here and see lots of pics.


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Luvs, first of all let me say, I love all your outside decor, the painted snowmen by the door, the train on the shelf & your light post decor. Your fireplace looks so pretty & the snow family are perfect in front of it, unless you light your fireplace, they may melt! LOL

I am not liking the green grass & palm trees, like LadyPat, I am in the midwest too & we are freezing!!

You wanted pics, you got them. My younger son lives kind of out in the country, lots of open land between him & his place of work, he's a nurse at a hospital & he has to travel an area where it is all open farm land.

Well, Saturday on his way to work, it was complete white-out, blizzard conditions & here are a few pictures he posted while waiting for the tow truck to pull him out.

Hope you enjoy the snow, we're sick of it already!

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OMG! Okay, I was just thinking about a nicely covered lawn and trees flocked with the snow--blizzards weren't exactly what I miss! LOL That's waaay too much of the pretty white stuff! Thanks for reminding me Yachter, my feelings of nostalga are all gone! LOL

Punk, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures. Yes, I was really tired and so glad to stash the bins back in the shed. I'm enoying it all now, and not looking forward to when I have to "undo" it all! LOL


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Luvs, ha ha ha, at least I cured your desire to see snow again!

Yes, the first snow is pretty, after that it's dirty, sloppy & just a mess and blizzards are sure not pretty!

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It looks so pretty, Luvs! Very festive, and you will be so happy not to have to undo the tree! I am doing less this year too. Being sick, then all the preps for the party wiped me out. And we are going to son's too!

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