Best wall oven with rotisserie if Gaggenau is too expensive?

soibeanJuly 12, 2012

For my kitchen remodel, I'm looking for a wall oven with a rotisserie. I actually need two ovens, but only one needs to have a rotisserie. I'm willing to buy a double oven or stack single ovens from the same manufacturer, whatever makes the most sense in terms of quality and reliability.

So far, I've considered the Capital Maestro, Thermador Professional, and Miele MasterChef. I'm nervous about going with the Capital since it's fairly new and there hasn't been much feedback on quality and reliability. For the Thermador, it seems like many people on this forum have had bad experiences with their wall ovens. I thought I'd be fine with the Miele since they have such a great reputation, but then I started reading about the oven temperature problems. Wish I could afford the Gaggenau, but even that might be problematic for me because I have to mount the ovens pretty low (due to space constraints) and I think that a side-opening door near the floor would be very awkward. Then there's the Smeg, but I can't seem to find much information on them anywhere. Any suggestions on which way to go?

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We looked at most of the ones you mention. Our favourite was the Thermador, but the mind-blowingly stupid analog clock (you have to wind forward slowly through 23 hours 59 minutes to set it back 1 minute) and the price were deal-breakers for us.

We found the menu system on the Miele cumbersome, and ISTR that it wouldn't do a couple of things we wanted. The rolling racks on the Capital only come out about half way.

In the end, we gave up on the idea of a rotisserie. :(

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