Built-in grill for outdoor kitchen: Firemagic or Viking?

canuck82July 29, 2012

Which is better in terms of high even heat, lifetime reliability and weather-resistance - Viking or FireMagic BBQ? It will have light exposure to salt spray, so I'm hoping to choose the hardiest model.

Anyone have experience with any fantastic and long-lastin outdoor grill?


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This grill research website,among other things, has pictures grill burners cut in half.

You can see the thin tube Viking vs cast SS Firemagic.

I would go with Firemagic.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Have you looked at Kalamazoo grills?

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I have a Firemagic stand alone grill. Built like the proverbial tank. A true lifetime purchase. Hard to see how you could go wrong if it has the features you want.

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Out of those 2 the Fire Magic.

If you want a real "BBQ" though I would go with some sort of a Kamado type charcoal grill.
You can build those in also and they are way better than any gas grill, last a lifetime, can cook anything on them.
Smoker, Oven, High Heat Grill.

They are ceramic which is better than any metal.

I would do something similar to this and maybe have a small Infrared gas grill built in next to it.

Or this with the Infrared gas grill just for quick searing.

If price were no object I would get the above pair.
A Primo extra large oval Kamado with a Solaire Infrared gas grill, although I would opt to get the Solaire Anywhere grill which is Marine Grade 316 stainless steel and you can take it anywhere with you, take it to the beach, camping what ever and it would work perfect for anything I would ever need a gas grill for.
Its also much cheaper at around $500.
Comes with a nice carrying case.
It is also lifetime guarantee.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solaire Anywhere

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I also have a firemagic stand alone grill (Echelon Diamond 790I). They are very well built. They also get hotter then hell, literally. I have mixed feelings on the IR burner. I think with having such a deep firebox, a lot of the IR is lost travelling up to the grates. The IR burners are also kinda narrow. The conventional burners will get 950 Degrees easy.

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