Do you have a CC or BS freestanding range on an island?!

shabmerchJuly 20, 2012

I was meeting with my cabinet supplier today and when I told him I was thinking of putting a 36" AG CC or BS range on the island, he completely balked, and spent 10 minutes trying to talk me out of it.

Are these ranges too powerful for an island? What sort of vent would you advise? He pretty much assured me a grill was out of the question if I wanted to put it on the island, which I can live with, as we'll have a grill out on the deck.

He tried to talk me into a cooktop with an electric oven, but I don't think there is any cooktop with an open burner, is there?

Has anyone put their range into the island, and if so, do they regret not doing a cooktop instead, that looks cleaner? Or do are they having problems with ventilation with the high BTU on the island?

Thanks in advance again for your time!

BS - i know i want my cooking range/cooktop/whatever on the island rather than against the wall, so I don't seek a discussion on that... the question is:

- how high BTU can an island vent handle? (no less than 36" higher than the island)?

- do you have a freestanding range on an island whose placement you regret for aesthetic purposes? (would you rather have put a cooktop there?)

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We have a 60 BS in an island location with a 24" grill, I don't regret it one iota, we wanted a center location for demos it works perfectly grill and all.

As for the hood, it's not any different to a wall hood, you can get a hood that will work or you buy a crap hood that does not work.

If you want a CC or a BS in an island then have one.

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It's certainly doable, BUT as cooking products spread upwards in a V shape in all directions from the source, you need a much wider and deeper hood for better capture area, and you need a lot more CFM than you would with a wall location. That means you will assuredly need makeup air, and depending on your location, an ERV as well. Code compliance is becoming MUCH stricter on enforcing these requirements.

You will also need a much larger zone of safety around a higher BTU island cooking station. You will want at least 24" to either side and the rear. That's just for cooking safety and doesn't take into account any other functions. If you want to be able to prep beside your range, you will need an additional 36" to one side of the range in addition to the 24", or a 10' island at minimum for a 36" range. That assumes you have a sink behind you that will serve both prep and cleanup functions rather than having a dedicated prep sink. If you want a prep sink on the island, you need to add in another 24" at least. And that assumes no seating across from the burners. If you want seating, add in another 15" in island depth for their knees and then another 48"-60" for the aisle space depending on how much traffic goes through there.

Island cooking is certainly doable, but it just requires a lot more space and a lot more $$$ to get it right.

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I cooked some burgers today to show how an island hood can work, if the hood is sized correctly and with the right blower, at a reasonable height from the range top.

You can never catch all smoke and grease but its possible to have a grill on an island location for sure

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I'm looking at doing the same thing to this picture I found on the Capital facebook page.

I want the same Modernaire hood and I'd like a 36" range with a central grill. Can I get away with a 42" wide hood if I want the grill?

I'm planning to pair the hood with the 1400 CFM external blower.

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I got talked out of this configuration by folks around here and I guess I'm grateful. At least, rearranging worked out OK. As Trevor mentions, the island hoods are way more expensive; it's tricky. I had been thinking of downdraft ventilation and everyone seems united in diss-ing that. Trevor's solution will block views in the room, if that matters to you, and also cost more than a wall-vent. And sometimes it's next to impossible to get the ducting to the outside wall as required. So it depends on your specifics how expensive, functional and pretty yours would look.

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I just realized my photo didn't upload.
This is an image of the same modernaire hood I want (only in 42") and a capital culinarian (except I want the 36" with Grill).

Anyone see any reasons why this wouldn't work when paired with a 1400 CFM external blower?

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Call Trevor at Eurostoves; they sell the hood and the stove and can advise you on what hood you need for a given setup.

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