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christmascandyDecember 6, 2012

I have a few pix of the ladies luncheon.
I made the drapes and the large HOPE and Joy words for the stage. Also, there are several Hope and Joy framed words that I painted picture frames, used the satin fabric for the background and then sewed the letters to the backing and hung around the room. The words came from HL, but Hope was black so I had to paint those silver and then use silver glitter paint.

My first table was set with the Holly china that I got at GdWl last summer, $11.25 for a 45 pc service for 8!!

The CP was made using a large brass candlestick, a TS candlering, and some TS gold filigree ornies. I used a dowel stuck in the candlestick, added a gold glittered styrofoam ball, and a gold TS tree at the top!

The Believe ornaments were the table gifts for my guests.

The second table was a Snowman table.

I found the ceramic snowman bisque at GdWl. He had been fired but not painted so I painted him to match the Gibson Snowman dishes I was using on the table.

Each guest received a wrapped porcelain ornament.

The green napkins were folded to look like trees and I added some gold stars to the top. Also, both tables had butter I molded using silicone molds. The Snowman
table had snowmen butter and the Holly table had tree shaped butter.

I found 3 different glass containers at Home Goods, added midnight blue ribbon bows, silver pillar candles, and silver ball ornaments in each container. They were placed on some of the drapery fabric, using various items as lifts under the fabric and then surrounded with silver mesh and a silver garland. The buffet tables are set up in a cross and these are at the intersection of the cross.

The dessert table had more blue fabric, some silver florals, silver beads from a TS, and a nativity set I found at Gdwl last summer, both pieces for $6. The silver tray I found at another TS for $2 and it is holding the mini cheesecakes I made for my dessert.

I had to get all of these items transported to the church and then take it all down when the luncheon was over.
Fortunately, the drapes, large words, glass containers, and silver garland stayed at the church. All of the little silver trees were also mine.

It was a lovely day and my DM, 2 DD's, oldest DGD, DSIl, and a Dear Friend of 35 yrs were guests at the Holly table.

I'll post house decor later.


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I'm speechless but will say a big WOW !!
You are so talented in ALL capacities. That curtain backdrop along with the Hope & Joy is just beautiful and what an amazing undertaking! Your tables are each
beautiful. Love the holly dishes (can't believe the price)
with the Believe ornaments on ea plate and all the gold accents. The centerpiece is gorgeous too.
The snowman themed talbe is adorable. Love..love how your
folded those napkins into trees and added the stars on them ...so clever! The CP on the buffet table is another beautiful creation! Love the look of the Glass containers with the Silver and Blue and Mesh ribbon. I like the vignette you created with the Silver Trees and the Nativity which looks just lovely.
I'm sure the ladies were amazed over ALL your beauitul creations..and how nice you got to share it with your family and special friend too.
Good thing you were able to leave many of the decorations
there to be enjoyed longer.
I loved seeing all that you did Candy..again, your talents are AMAZING!

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Yes, candy, you certainly reveal the true meaning of 'giving' ... @ Christmas ...wow, I can only imagine the amount of time & work as I read about each table & the pics you've shared. Everything is just absolutely gorgeous ... a true celebration of the 'Season!

The drapes & lettering ...a big wow factor turning that stage into such an elegant focal point. The bling on the 1st table ...wonderful ...so many ideas ...beautiful find on that china!

Snowman table is just so cute ...your painting talent @work again...ties it altog. From the folded pine tree napkins to the red flatware you used ...everything!

Blue & silver arrangemnt on the buffet table is gorgeous ... so elegant ...& the nativity vignette, too. Yes, you are amazing & I am sure that every guest & friend enjoyed the celebration! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Candy, I love your designs. Your painting on the snowman is impeccable. I bought silicone molds to use to make butter pats this year, but a household emergency stole one of my prep days, so they didn't get made. I hope I can get to them next year. Did you freeze yours to harden them?

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Thanks ladies,
it was a lot of work, but I love to decorate so it seems less like work and more like creating, LOL.
The lady who asked me to "help" and I decided on the color scheme and she said she wanted BIG letters for the stage and I had just saved the large pieces of cardboard because I knew I would use them for something and within a couple of days this turned out to be the something! She was quite excited when she saw them at the church and said it was just what she had in mind.

I was so thrilled when I found the bisque snowman as he had a coat, scarf and stocking cap just like the plates! All I had to do was mimic what was on the plates. What are the odds? Divine intervention for sure!

Fun, yes I freeze them as they pop out better than if I just refrigerate them. I also have some bunny molds that I use for Easter and some flower molds for summer.

Merry Christmas,

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Wow what beautiful settings - you did a remarkable job. I am so jealous of some of the GW finds all you gals come across - that set of dishes was a GREAT find - amazing price. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work .....


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Good golly, wish I had been a guest! What detailed and thoughtful tables.

Man, I thought I had squashed my dish fetish, but seeing yours makes me want to run out to GW and some thrift stores...right now!

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Unbelievable! You are a CREATING MACHINE.

Of course, as beautiful as the tables and backdrop are, I am jealous of your ability to paint. That snowman is darling. You said it. It was Divine intervention. Who else on earth could have used it like you did???? God knew it was meant for you.

Lucky were the guests at that luncheon.

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Marlene Kindred

Goodness gracious me! You are quite possibly the busiest woman I've ever seen....everything looks amazing! LOVE the holly china you used and what a lucky find it was for you! I am sure all of the ladies had a wonderful time and you deserve a long, quiet rest.

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Candy, wonderful choice on the curtains and signs. Following through with more framed signs was a neat idea. Both ts are so neat. The holly dishes with the Believe sign is so pretty. Great price on that set of dishes. Is the flatware a new set?NICE

Snowmen always melt my heart. That table is so cute with sm cp you painted to match the plates.Great job.

Hope things slow down for you.


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Gosh Candy, I don't know what to say other than WOW!!
The Hope and Joy Letters are perfect I'm sure they will be used many times.
The Holly Table is gorgeous. Truly a work of art.
I love the whimsy of the Snowman Table.
You did a great job painting the ceramic snowman to match the Gibson dishes.
The dessert table looked lovely and serene, I love the look of blue and silver together.

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Very nice!!! That is so cool to have each table w/ a different theme. I'll bet everyone there just LOVED it!

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Oh wow, you did all of that? Love the snowman you painted & he goes perfectly with the plates.

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