Kobe rangehoods w halogen lights

jolb57July 11, 2013

Who owns one with halogen lights. What do you think about lighting on these fans? Have you modified yours?

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I have halogen lights on my Kobe, because at the time that's what was available. The brightness is fine. LED would be better, of course. One of my bulbs has already burned out, thanks for reminding me, and looking it up just now, I read that low voltage xenon bulbs can be substituted for halogens. So that's what I'm going to get. I don't think they make LED's with the JC pin base, do they?

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Ginny I think they do make them, though I think the selection is limited in what you can get. But doesn't hurt to do a search for them.

I know I have one for a little alcove in our new kitchen and it has the JC connectors and I replaced a halogen bulb. I happened to get mine from either Home Depot or Menards, can't recall which one off hand though.


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Thanks, Phil, I'll look into that. I'd rather go all LED if I can. I need to pry the current bulb out to see how the pins are spaced.

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Now that I am thinking about it I might have had the MR16 style of halogen bulb that I replaced with the LED, sorry if I took you down the wrong path. But, still, see what you have now and if they do make anything. I love the LEDs in my hood.

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I didn't know you could switch out the bulbs on these hoods for different kinds. I though if you were set up for halogen, LED, etc., that's what you were stuck with. I don't understand why so many manufacturers use the halogens ... they are TOO bright, and HOT, too. I have LED's and while they are not super bright, they are bright enough.

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jellytoast - You can sub different types of bulbs as long as the base of the bulb matches the socket and you don't exceed the watts for the fixture. At my art gallery, the local electric co came in and, for a reduced price, swapped out all the halogen floods and spots in our track lighting, including some with pins, for comparable LED's.Like you, though, I didn't think to see if the halogens in the hood could be swapped out. I didn't know there were xenon bulbs that would work until I read it today on lightbulbsdirect or lightingdirect or whatever light bulb site I found. I was happy, because I don't like halogens, either.

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So can some let me know the bulb model no or base style? I'm talking about the ones kobe uses. Thanks

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It's a JC style, 12V, 20W max. The attached link is what I found that talks about the xenon version. I don't know yet if it's G4 or GY6.35. You'll need to measure it. The manual says to use a straight edge screwdriver to pop out the old bulb. It might say somewhere in the manual exactly which bulb it is, but I haven't found it.

Mine still has these little sticky tabs next to the lights with the bulb info, so that's how I knew the JC, 20W.


Here is a link that might be useful: JC bulbs on light bulbs direct

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Seems like it might be the bi~pinned using a flat head screwdriver to remove. Don't touch the metal driver while removing the bulb.

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Thanks well it look like at least xenon bulbs are available.

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Please update your findings for kobe hoods. I've got one, not yet installed, and would also like to swap out if possible. Thanks!

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