Width of staircases

happymommyJune 18, 2008

Following up on my other post, how wide is a staircase standard and for those of you who did wider than normal staircases, how wide are they? Pics would be appreciated! TIA!

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Code requires 36 inches. Because some authorities have apparently declared that the handrail spacing must be 36 inches, a lot of designs have a 39 inch wide stairwell.

Personally, I think it is too narrow.

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Happymommy, this is another issue I fought over with the architect. He was for narrower on this also and called it wasted space. I can't remember how wide we ended up and I won't be able to measure for about a week but two people can walk down side by side and I think it is 48". One good point the architect made was about the code for wide stairs requiring a railing on both sides if it was over a certain width. We said to design it so it wouldn't need the second railing. You may want to check your code on this issue if you only want a railing on one side.

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I have large furniture. Most of it is second floor furniture. I plan on having not just wide staircases but wide hallways and wide doors to handle them. You should have seen my movers when we moved into our old house - they BARELY got some of that stuff up the stairs and into the master bedroom. I swore that day that when we build our house I'd have WIDE stairs and halls for that type of thing.

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Ours is 42" wide. Also important for safety -- no long, straight run of stairs without a landing, or two! That's especially important in a house with high ceilings.

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Our stairs are 42" wide. The pool table went up the stairs without a problem. We also have 36" doors throughout our home.

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36" is too narrow. I have 42" wide both front and back stairs. hallway is 49" wide, bedrooms 36" wide doors -- except master with double 30"

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Thanks for the pic, dragonfly. Your staircase is gorgeous. The width is perfect! Thanks.

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