Christmas Decor #1

phonegirlDecember 1, 2011

I finally took some pictures and will post in several posts as I have time. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures and hope your ready to see some of my dining room shots.

This is what happens when you buy to many China cabinets and buffets. Hope DS moves soon so I can share. But then where would I put all the dishes I have stored in these. They are FULL.LOL


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Quite bummed as I was looking forward to seeing what all you got done and all I'm getting is the dreaded red Xs on both posts.

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Well that is a bummer. I thought of you while I was decorating my purple bath tonight. I'm heading to bed but will check back tomorrow and see if they are showing up. Sometimes if you shut down your computer and reboot it will come through.


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Yay! the pics showed up.
WoW , you've been a very busy bee. Loving the plaid table with the deer seemingly "hiding" between the tiny trees.
The buffet with all the shine and glimmer is perfect, as to the tops of the hutchs and each little touch added to the insides as well.
I tend to think you have a slight problem if DS moves out and takes a hutch with him. LOL

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punk...I love that big deer you used for a centerpc! & even green flatware to match...pretty w/those poinsetta's.

And I love how you grouped all the 'sparklies & glass' tog on one buffet or side tabl(2nd & 3rd pics)..beautiful! You have some very pretty pcs & looks great! Even matching lampshades & candlelight on the side table! Love those glass pine trees, too!

Wow, 3 china closets! My goodness, girl wonder you can change out your lovely t'scapes so often! That is awesome for storage! Both look so beautiful w/all your dishes displayed! (I am envious!)

You've been busy ...the decor on top of the two tall cabinets look great, that white beady garland ... & the colorful nutcracker/horse pcs! TFS, punk! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

I must say that you must have a huge dining room! Oh my goodness, where to start. Two full! Love the table decor....are those round green doilies? They look like they might be handmade and those! And your plates are very pretty too and the deer centerpiece! Love all of your frosted Christmas decor as well...the trees are beautiful!

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MM, I bought that tc a year or two before and had forgotten about it so thought I better use it before I lose again.Just Kidding! I now store all my tc hanging in one of our closets and I love this idea. I think Karen may have shared one ladies post on how she stored her things. So easy to choose for each new table this way.

If DS moves and I give up some of my cabs I will more than likely replace at least one.haha

Jeanne, this is my one buck Deer! I bought it last year at the Salvation Army. It's not cute but may be fun to decorate with. Do you remember when I bought the one buffet? Then a week later found the china cab, buffet and serving cart or I wouldn't have all of these! I use to have alot of wall and floor space to decorate. Now just cabs!

This white bead garland I used on my tops has the red with it so won't be able to use it as often as the plain white beads but was a nice change. I see I forgot the silver balls on the second cab.opps

DSis bought me the Rocking Nutcracker at Costco several years ago.

Marlene, the gr and wht placemats are made by Thro Home by Marlo Lorenz from New York, NY. The family bought these and a red set at Dillards for my birthday one year. These are made of paper and you can wipe them clean.

Since they also bought me a set of tan and a set of aqua that are similar from Target. Our DR is pretty lg. I have 6 kids w/kids and DH has 5 kids w/kids and no grandkids so we need a lg one at times.

Thanks for all the commments.


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Love all the decorations! Very pretty :)


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Punk, what a Winter Wonderland! You have so many great places to decorate, and each one is just beautiful! A real feast for the eyes!

I was drooling over the Costco Nutcracker Soldiers. (you know how I love horses!) I have two soldiers but neither "pretty" like yours. Or that big. WOW. And I was also quite taken with the Snowmen on the horse, he's very pretty too. I guess I'll be on the "hunt" again on eBay since I doubt Costco would have them this year.

I'll have to keep coming back to look at your decorations, so much to see and I love it all.
Hugs, Karen

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SD, glad you enjoyed the decorations and have joined us here.

Karen, glad you enjoyed my Winter Wonderland. The nutcrackers are Kirkland. There is one on ebay but the shipping is high. They are pretty big and heavy tho.

Thanks SD and PM for the sweet comments.


Here is a link that might be useful: KIRKLAND WOODEN ROCKING HORSE NUTCRACKER 19

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This is all so festive!!
I love the splash of lime green with the plaid table and the silvery buffet. Your holiday plates are all so cute!

I am amazed that you have a dining room large enough for all those hutches and buffets! And they are all decorated so wonderfully! I can't pick a fav, I love them all!!

It appears that you have some beautiful crystal in there too.
I have some of those snowball candles, but I really am drawn to the tall silver candlesticks (are they mercury glass?) with the silver snowflakes on the white candles.

It is all mahhveluss dahling!!


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Candy, thanks so much for all the sweet comments. Most of my crystal is in the LR in two of my other china cabs. I had a friend who sold Princess House and we had so many parties I had to buy two cabs to store most of it!

I picked up the snowball candles this summer at a ys. They are brand new and I paid $1 each so didn't think that was to bad. I remember yours and I'm sure I commented on them.LOL

The candle sticks are mercury and so is the other lg candle holder. This reminds me I still have some round bowl type ones packed away I need to bring out and use.

Got my tree decorated today and used more lime green on it. I will try to post pictures this week.

Thanks again.


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Wow Punk glad I didn't miss this! Your table is so festive and I too love that reindeer CP...he's very impressive looking and perfect for your TS. Love your plaid TC which sets everything off so nicely. You Winter Wonderland Buffet looks amazing with all your 'Frosty Decorations'..Love the glittey and sparkly trees. Your China Cabinets are 'All Decked Out' with so many lovely pieces. The glitter garland on top with the Rocking Horses really brings your eyes up to notice them...such a nice touch!
Well I remember when you first joined us and I spied your hutches filled with so many goodies (which I know you've added more since)'s nice to see you 'playing' and enjoying them as much as we are seeing them!!

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punk I almost missed this! I love it all.
The sparkling winter wonderland on your buffet caught my eye. How adorable!
I'll be back to check out your great displays again and again.

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I love the bright green you have throughout. I have been wanting to introduce that green color into my decor, but not sure how much to do. You have just the right mix of it.

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Punk, I meant to thank you for the eBay link...shipping was $29 which kind of put me off but I saw another similar one with shipping at $15. A Kirkland piece, same size, but a Santa. I "needed" it. LOL. She shipped fast and it arrived today. You aren't kidding about them being BIG!
Wow. Maybe before next Christmas I'll find the one you got and then have a pair tho different. ;o)

and close up of his toy bag...has a nutcracker in it. LOL

hugs, Karen

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Jane, you are so right about me adding since I joined all of you enablers. I've already changed out some on the tops of the cabinets with some new things I came across. Also found a couple more gr trees for the table. Will try to share more pictures some time.

Nana, glad you found this post and nice to hear you'll be back to look again. With my work schedule I doubt if I'll be changing out much of it this Holiday Season.

Calico, I bought the green last year after Christmas and just started my decorating with it this year. I've enjoyed the change and I'm sure you would too.

Karen, you made a wise choice to get the sweet Santa Nutcracker w/bag full of toys. That was a fast transaction and ship on it. Maybe the other one will come back with less shipping charges later. They were expensive at Costco when they came out.

Thanks for all the sweet comments. Wish I had more time for decorating this month but it's not going to happen.


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