Inexpensive vent hood needed...

buehlJuly 8, 2012

Does anyone have recommendations for inexpensive vent hoods? Our high school's marching unit is in need of one or two vent hoods for its Fried Dough Stand at our County fair. Aesthetics are not a concern...but functionality is. It also must meet Code for residential venting and, of course, it will be vented to the outside.

We have two fryers to cover. I think they're 24" wide by 36" deep, but I'm not positive and I cannot get to them for another week or so.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Check out they have lots of hoods at reasonable prices. I have noticed lately that prices have gone up a little but still very good. They seem to have everything. I have visited their showroom in person and they have good customer service. For the things I have ordered from them I have to give them thumbs up.

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Hi Buehl,

Two questions:
1) What's your definition of inexpensive? Are you looking for something used to save money? Any chance a local business would be willing to donate/discount since it's for the school?
2) Is it possible the measurements are flipped (36" wide instead of deep, 24" deep instead of wide)? I took a quick look through our offerings and found a few with those measurements, but I couldn't see anything with them flipped.

Best of luck at the fair!

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Thanks for the responses...

I was hoping for no more then $300 each for two or $600 for a single large hood. That may be unrealistic, though. I'm trying to keep the costs down b/c we only use it once a year during the County fair and the cost of the hood(s) will probably come out of this year's profits and affect the money the students earn toward their spring marching unit competition trip next year.

It definitely has to be functional because we will be frying dough 12 hours straight for 8 days - but just those 8 days each year (we do it every year at the County fair).

Unfortunately, with the economy the way it's been, most businesses in our area have stopped donating money and products, so it's been tough finding someone to donate much of anything lately.

As to measurements, I seem to recall the fryers are deeper (front-to-back) than they are wide, but as soon as I can get to them, I will measure them.

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