How much condensation is normal?

patricenyJuly 7, 2009

Last week I bought a new Whirlpool bottom-mount refrigerator. I have noticed what seems to me to be an unusual amount of condensation collecting on the underside of the bottom shelf in the refrigerator door.

For the first few days, I figured it was due to the refrigerator acclimating and I wasn't too concerned. The problem has gotten somewhat better, but it is still quite wet underneath that shelf and just above the seal on that part of the door. A couple times every day I wipe it down, yet it always builds back up again. It gets so wet that if I don't wipe it down, the drops will fall on the floor when you open the door.

We don't have kids opening the door up all the time, and the house is not at all humid. Yet this moisture will build up in just a few hours time, such that a dry papertowel becomes quite damp when I wipe it up.

I read the owner's manual and it says some condensation is normal. Does what I am describing sound normal to you? I really appreciate any insight anyone can offer. Thank you!

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Doesn't sound normal to me. I'm only guessing but I'd take a close look at the door seal and the surface it seals against on the the bottom side of the fridge door to see if there's any sign of leakage, anything that might be preventing a good seal. The air inside a refrigerator/freezer is normally very dry on account of auto-defrost. Many fridges have heaters in the door to prevent condensation *outside* the door in humid climates. But to have condensation *inside* would most likely be caused by outside air leaking in, I think.

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It's normal and good.

The more humid the better. Drying air is not a desirable function of a fridge. Condensation is normal. Some of it being visible is OK and normal. A paper towel becoming quite damp when you wipe it up is GREAT, not too much, and not way too much.

The bottom shelf is where the refrigerated air is the coldest. Condensation collecting on the underside of the bottom shelf in the refrigerator door is GREAT since it means that this fridge is designed to get its air over to the door side; many fridges have warm air near the door and cold on the back wall.

I'd encourage you not to worry.

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Thanks to both of you for your replies.

I too thought maybe the door seal in that location was bad....but it seems to be closing just as tightly there as everywhere else?

And David.....I am really hoping you are right. It is a brand-new fridge, and I hate the thought of a service call all ready! But, if it supposed to do this, won't mold/mildew become a problem? The moisture is mostly collecting on the underside of the plastic shelf, but some of it gets on the gasket too.

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