Should I delete a quarantined virus?

Bob_BFebruary 25, 2008

I have Trend Micro. Today, while browsing the net, a flag from TN popped up saying " Virus Alert", a virus had just been detected and quarantined.

Since I was not on a file of consequence to me but instead a web page when this happened, can I simply hit the delete button on Trend Micro's quarantine page and get rid of the virus? Trends instructions were not very comprehensible.


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Why would you want to keep it??

delete it

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When one empties their virus vault, how is it physically deleted from the computer as it is not ejected to the garbage bin.

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Delete cuts off the first letter or two of the file name then the file system can't find it.

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What gets deleted is the link pointing towards the file, so if you would compare a file to a book page, deleting the file does not tear the page out of the book, but rather deletes the pageÂs index from the table of contents, represented by the file system here.

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It sounds like I should not delete it since it will still be in my computer with no more record of its presence. When in quarantine, if I understand correctly, it is also still in the computer but locked up.

This problem came up once before, and I deleted the virus. So I guess it is still lurking in my computer, and I no longer have any track on it. Fortunately, no ill at least that I am aware of has come of it.

Have I got this all right?


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To move an infected file, such as a virus, into an area where it cannot cause more harm. Antivirus softwares come with quarantine options so that the user also can keep track of virus activity. You can keep it there or delete it, yes it is locked up I believe it is renamed also so no chance of it getting back on the system..

What was the name of this Virus?

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When you delete you don't really delete but as Mikies says the first part of the file name is removed. This allows the computer to overwrite that portion of the hard drive when it needs to so. Your virus is probably written over by now and totally useless.

If it will make you feel more comfortable do a defrag, that should take care of the issue.

I believe most things placed in the virus vault are deleted by default after X number of days and they can cause no harm while in the vault.

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Vista, the advanced command window had the 'Recover' command. Expects the full path and filename. Bingo - you can recover accidentally deleted files....... if they havent already been overwritten.

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