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nikinikinineJune 8, 2012

We will have stone on the facade of our home as well as on our fireplace. Our builder works exclusively with OC Cultured Stone. To get more of a natural fieldstone look we are mixing Dressed Fieldstone with Southern Ledgestone. OC makes a series of blended textures that are 80% ledgestone and 20% fieldstone, but we're actually wanting to flip that and have more of the big fieldstone pieces and less of the smaller ledgestone. Since this is a "custom" mix of stone sizes our vendor doesn't have a lot of example pictures for me to bring to our mason.

Has anyone done cultured stone on/in their home that has combined field and ledge with the ratio being more field to ledge? If so can you please link me to a photo. TIA!

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I have a saved post from the past year where someone used a mix of ledgestone and fieldstone, although I think hers was mostly ledgestone. I have a PDF file with pictures but, unfortunately, part of the post was cut off and I don't have the poster's name. If you want to add the "Send Me an Email" link to your Garden Web My Page, I will be glad to send you the PDF file with photos. (Or send me your email from my own My Page.) The post has the stone supplier's name, Dutch Quality Stone, and I searched on that and didn't find the post. GW's search function is poor.

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Thanks I added the "send me an email" to my profile. I'll message you just in case though.

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On searching, I've found if I go to google, and type "gardenweb" then whatever, I get much better gardenweb returns than with the gardenweb search...

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nanj, thanks for the article! I googled a section of the text and found where you took the pics from. You couldn't find them on GW because they are from this blog :)


Thought I'd C&P just in case someone else is obsessing about stone right now too...

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Hi Nik....
The newsfromthehill.com blog is mine! I've had some photos of the house posted on the monthly How's Your Build threads but didn't update with any new photos in May.
Our house is still under construction and in fact the stone masons are due back on Monday to finish up now that the columns are ready for them to face on the garage.
I'm very glad that we went with a combination of stone types as I think that ledgestone only on some of our tall surfaces might have been a little too busy. We went with about a 10-15% fieldstone to the rest ledgestone. I've never seen it with more field than ledgestone.... will it be more difficult for the masons to do it that way?
We were originally going to do straight ledgestone and so our crew was thrilled to have the fieldstones mixed in since the bigger stones meant less work. :)
Here's a few more photos but there are more on the blog...
Again we didn't use OC but Dutch Stone (Natural Blend Color)
Close up of the kitchen window wall:

North wall (Hardi Trim around window will be stained dark brown)

Kitchen window wall (Tyvek areas will be board and batten Hardie) and "window" into the walkway to mechanical room

Front Porch columns:

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Great idea, Niki, so glad you found the blog site.

gbsim - LOVE your stone!

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thanks for all of the extra pics :)

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