What Did You Do? Laptop? Notebook? Kindle?

candlerFebruary 19, 2012

Howdy. I'm old; all thumbs; use a second pair of glasses to see print; and don't have much patience. I thought you might understand. Of course I thought of these faults when I bought my Kindle Fire a couple of months back but felt I should give it a try.

With help from this forum I configured a router at my desktop location. I keep the Kindle next to my TV recliner. So far I've only checked email. Now, I'm trying to figure out which grandkid to give it to.

I watch a few hours of TV in the evenings. If something on TV grabs my interest and I wish to dig further, I don't want to leave my recliner and go to another room to use my desktop. Seems I heard Google might be doing something about combining a TV and computer. Sounds expensive.

I think a notebook has around a 10" screen. I think a laptop has around 15" screen. Has anyone been down the road I've mentioned? What did you do? Seems using a 15" laptop might be sort cumbersome for a recliner. On the other hand, the function keys and keyboard keys on the 10" notebook appear small and worrysome. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Gene

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Option #1: Keep the Kindle & learn how to use it...with patience.

Option #2: Get out of the recliner and use the desktop...and be thankful that you still can.

Option #3: Accept the fact that being old means that all these new toys aren't as important as you think they are.

The preceding is just MHO...YMMV.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have all of the above except my tablets are not kindels , but I have 4 tablets currently, one acer netbook , one acer laptop, and the desktops.
I am old too and love my lazyboy. I use the tablet in my chair all the time, like right now.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

With the superb help of people on this forum, I got my old 10" netbook working (Acer Aspire One). The whole reason for getting it to work was so that I could use it to read ebooks. Our local library had ebooks which can be checked out and downloaded to my netbook - it is like going to the library and checking out a paper book. I love it. I had considered a tablet, but I am not willing to pay money anymore (retired income) for books, so the library lending ebooks is wonderful for me.

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I too have a kindle, netbook, several laptops and a 10" tablet..I too have a recliner and am not a spring chicken anymore either...The house is rigged for wireless, but I still dont mind getting up and using the laptop at the desk (probably because I hate using the touchpad rather than a mouse). On rare occasions, I may take the netbook or tablet to the recliner with me...You could consider getting a laptop table for use on the recliner..its like an angled tv tray with small side legs

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I, too, am old if you think 63 is old! lol I have a desktop, small laptop with 15" screen, and a 2nd generation Kindle. I set up a wireless network and use the laptop in my lap in my recliner. I bought a small usb mouse because I too can't stand the touchpad. The mouse has a retractable cord and works on the arm of my chair. The only problem I have using the laptop in my lap is my little dog thinks that is his spot and he doesn't really like being a "desk". If he wasn't in my lap, I would get one of those "lap-desks" with the hard top and cushioned bottom. They make using a laptop in your lap a bit easier.
I am thinking about a tablet, just because I want one and it is smaller than a laptop. Still trying to determine the best one for what I want to do AND what I want to do with one. Gonna play with my DD's Kindle Fire and see how I like it before I pluck down big retiree bucks for a tablet. :)
Hope you come up with a workable solution without giving up your Kindle Fire. Seems each gadget has a different purpose and can be used in a different place.

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Murph...be careful with the laptop on your lap...as much as the name suggests, laptops are not well suited for a lap or other soft surface as the fan vents become blocked and the unit will overheat and either shutdown or start causing some other heat related issues or damage

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You might want to think about a laptop with a 13" (or so) screen. The keyboard will be a more usable size without the bulk of a larger screen.

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Howdy, again. Sure do appreciate the information. I'm glad to hear about the mid size screen. I had not even considered a laptop side table. Seems I need to plan better in configuring a computer at my recliner.

By the way, I just posted a note that I'm now getting AVG blocked Threat Alerts on the GardenWeb/THS site. Is anyone else getting them? Regards. Gene

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Thanks genes, as I said my little dog won't let me use it for long, maybe he is getting too hot? Will watch it in the future.

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Gene Get your dog trained to lay between your legs with the footrest raised..If I have one up, thats where she/he lays..gives you room for the little lap table

Gene S

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I am 49 and love all this new technology as I have been a gadget person all my life since atari he he. I have a full size tablet and a kindle fire and I have used a friends little dell netbook to see if I would like it.

The small keys on the netbook were not as bad as I thought but the netbook itself was too slow for my taste but we were at the bookstore and I am used to high speed Internet at home.

I have used my laptop in the recliner and find it ok but much prefer using it in bed on my lap while watching Tv.

My kindle fire I love in the recliner and bed. So much so I joined netflix for $8 a month and put the netflix app on the fire and even though I can watch all the netflix stuff on the computer I find I prefer watching it on the kindle. I find myself using the fire more and more at home instead of the laptop to surf and check email.

My vision is such that I need my glasses only for distance. My close up vision is so good I find even with the progressive bifocals at times I can still see the kindle or computer screen better without the glasses.

Myself I would keep the kindle and learn how to use it from the recliner to read email and surf and then if I needed to do more would use the desktop but that is me so you have to do what suits your style. Mary

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