Can I Undermount a Drop in Tub?

dancingqueengwJuly 28, 2012

I'm planning to use the Bain Ultra Thalassa. I was originally told by the store that it could not be under mounted but today a different sales person said yes it could be. He said pretty much any tub could be under mounted? Is this true? I could not find an email for Bain so I could ask them. TIA.

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I would not trust anything a salesman said to me. If the company calls it a drop in tub, I would stick with drop in. I visited their website and Bain clearly specified it is a drop in or alcove ( three wall) tub.

Good luck. Looks like a nice tub!

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Usually a manufacturer will say undermount or drop in installation. We purchased a Kohler tub that specifically said "undermount or drop in" - when I ordered it, I had to buy an undermount kit in addition. I'd check the manufacturer's website or call their customer service line

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Thank you. I will call Bain and check with them. I did not think it was a good idea to trust a salesman, although I had told him I had already decided we were buying the tub. Thanks again.

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I would not recommend buying a Bain Ultra tub - my electrical components shorted out on me quickly and they would not repair under warranty!

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