sue_vaFebruary 12, 2012

A friend sent me an email with, I think, a funny or a joke. Is Incredimail safe? I haven't opened it. I don't remember ever having any other emails that used it.



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I refer you to Google. I just did two basic inquiries with keywords "Incredimail virus" and "Incredimail spyware" (both sans quotes). Though I didn't read any of the linked pages the thumbnails seemed to be conflicting in position. I do have to share that much of the entries were dated.

Great job on being careful and researching first.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I personally don't like it and don't recommend it, there has been negative history associated with it in the past.
Plus they add their spam on every email you send out and quite possibly collect addresses.

If you choose to use it do so with caution and note your amount of spam.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I found this post by a person called PeeCee, go to the link scroll down to their post, that is the best response to this question, I could not put it better.

I detest getting email loaded with that incredimail junk and keep in mind that people with dialup or slow systems have to let all that junk load before they can even read the actual emails.

Here is a link that might be useful: reply

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I realized that I left out that I did check with Google about this and found conflicting views.

And so I came here for the "Final Answer."

I'll have to tell my friend that I didn't open it, and why. I hate to have to do that though.

Thank you both for helping me out here.


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I sent that whole web page from Raven to my BIL, who sends me endless forwards using Incredimail. If it makes him mad, so be it because if I do send one of his on to someone else, I have to remove all the Incredimail junk first, as I would never send that to one of my friends.

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A suggestion and a question:


Obviously, most users of Incrudimail like to include little images (or animations) and emoticons occasionally -- or a lot -- and it's possible they don't know how to include such things using a 'regular' offline email client. Maybe those of you who know people using "that" email client could suggest that they instead snag some forum emoticons (I myself like the ones at the Opera forums), save them in their own folder in Pictures (Windows) and use them in their emails when the mood strikes. ??


A very minor, slightly off-topic query: I noticed in the article that ravencajun linked to that the poster (PeeCee) was a 'plain text purist' [my term], i.e. someone who believes that people should just send emails in plain text and avoid rich text/html emails altogether, including pics as attachments. I tend to think that's overkill (I mean, who doesn't include some italics or underlining once in a while ?), but I thought I'd ask here, as long as that article broached the subject: do you think there is any advantage in limiting one's emails to the plain text variety ?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

One advantage of plain text emails is you do not run the risk of having live embedded links to accidentally hit.

I don't always use plain text, and I do on occasion email a photo to a friend, but I don't use emoticons.
I think they are ok for forum use or chat, but I don't think in emails is a good idea.

Just my view.

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I use Incredimail because I like the email notifier. I have searched for another email program but can't find one that has this notifier feature. I didn't realize Incredimail would cause so many problems for me and people I send emails to...not something I want.
Does anyone know of something else that has an email notifier? One that shows up on the desk top when you have incoming mail?

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My Outlook Express notifies me of new e-mails as long as I have it open. Is this what you mean?

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If configured as such, Thunderbird will show an alert and/or play a sound when e-mail arrives.


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