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phonegirlDecember 8, 2010

Set a new table tonight to share the season.

Used my Nikko silverware for the first time on this table.

The tall stems spell noel on them. The gold plates, place card holders and reversible place mats are from Dillards. The holly and red swirl plates are Pier 1.

Centerpiece and candle came from Costco. The red cardinals from DS, thanks to all you enablers last year.

F & F plates. The tree stems are from Ross last year.

I'm open to any suggstions on this table.



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Just lovely...all of it..not a thing needed!
Your centerpiece is beautiful and I love what you did to your napkins. They look like bows - very pretty.
Great combination with your plates, placemats and stems.
You have a nice collection of FF too.
I don't know how you do it...working the long hrs you do, and then 'banging out' a new table every night!!
Send me what 'You're On'...I need it bad....LOL


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Me too, Me too. I'm with Jane. We need some of your excessive energy. LOL.

I love Fitz n Floyd things. That Mrs Santa plate is adorable. Hadn't seen her before. Your whole table is delightful for that matter.
But I wish you, and the others, wouldn't make Table Settings look so easy! LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Punk, What a delightful table. I am not familiar with Fitz n Floyd table ware. I love it. I really like the napkin rings and flatware. The center piece is lovely. You did a wonderful job putting everything together!!

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punk...I am lovin' your dishes! Place settings are very pretty & I love the side plate with the napkin...so pretty..creating that big bow with the ring & napkins!

Your new flatware is very festive for the holidays! ...looks good with your F&F pcs! They are CUTE! You are a go-getter! As always, you bring candlelight to your t'scapes & I love that!

If this were my table (since you asked for other ideas), I would try a solid color placemat under the place settings...maybe that would make the F&F fun pcs stand out even more & your pretty flatware! Love your centerpc, too! TFS! Fun to see your tables & decor! Jeanne S.

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Here I am "struggling" to get all the Christmas decor finished and you are just skipping along with not one, not two, but three lovely tables in the last couple weeks! Whew! Yep, I need some of what you have too--I think it's called "youth". LOL

Love how you made the napkins look like bows, and that centerpiece is so pretty. I love F&F pieces too, they are always so well painted and pretty. I think it all looks very pretty and inviting.

Now I have to go take a nap--you wore me out! LOL


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That's a very nice table indeed. The dishes are all wonderful, but what I like best is the burgandy/cranberry tablecloth and centerpiece. I like these shades of red and you can't find it a lot these days. Those plates are really really cute too.

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Punklet, that centerpiece is beautiful!! Heck it's all beautiful, but the centerpiece really grabs the eye!!
Thanks for posting!!

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You're open for suggestions, are you? Well, here's mine. Come over to my house. I've been down with the flu for three days and I'm still miserable and I could use some help!

Gosh, I sure like the way you did the napkins. I've never seen that before and I'm going to have to use the idea. Hope you don't mind.

The new flatware is just super.

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Jane, My napkins just happened to fall together like that and I too thought they looked like bows. How do I do it??? Some days are so stressful and I like a clean home but one can only clean so much. So I decorate and paint to bring the stress level down when I find time.

Karen, I don't think I make ts look easy at all. I just use what I have and don't sweat the small stuff.lol This is so much fun playing here. I still want to learn so much more from all you talented ladies so will keep hanging out.

NanaK, I still feel that I have so much to learn when it comes to setting tables but I always enjoy a challenge.

Jeanne, thanks so much for the idea of a solid place mat. What do you think of green with this setting? I thought about it but never tried it. If not what other colors would you suggest?

Thanks so much for all your help.

Luvs, age does make a difference but I think it's just the life style I lead that keeps me moving on high speed.

Frou, I've always thought burgundy was an elegant color and love it with pink.lol I like that the plates will go with several different colors.

J, you must love burgundy and gold too. That's why I bought this centerpiece. I'm starting to lean towards silver but gold is always so elegant.

OA, Not good, you getting the flu, girlfriend! I would love to come and help you while your not feeling well! Should I just close the business and fly in?lol I folded the lt gold napkin in thirds and then folded the dk gold in forths. Ran them through the napkin ring. Folded under the ends and fanned alittle. After typing about this I tried this with the dk gold for the ribbon part. What do you think? Hope you can use some of my ideas and I still want to do "Girls Kick Butt" for DGD from YOU!

Thanks for all your comments on this table. I'm feeling better about buying that center piece all the time.lol I will be using the new flatware on my Christmas table.


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punk ...I really like the green placemat...sure shows off your new flatware more & also the F&F pcs by it...IMO. Do you like it? Sometimes things look so diff in pics. Either way, I think the t'scape is wonderful! Jeanne S.

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It looks very pretty! I love your new flatware!
OA hope you feel better. Terrible time of year to be sick, not that there's a good time! :)

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Jeanne, Here's a gold placemat and I layered my plates. What do you think? This tweaking is not something I do well at. Not enough hours in my days which is probably a good thing! Guess I better keep my day job.lol

Kathleen, thanks and glad you like the flatware.


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Ooooooh, very pretty with the gold, too!
You are a good tweaker, punk! Love it! Jeanne S.
Wishing you a speedy recovery, OA!

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Personally I think you should get rid of your day job!
LOL. I can't imagine what you'd do if you had lots of time to play with dishes and decor. You're pretty amazing now.

hugs, Karen

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