Woodsy Santa & a bit of Christmas Decor

jeannespinesDecember 8, 2010

A busy 5 days away from home...enjoyed getting some one-on-one time with GK's! And now after a couple additional days of holiday shopping, I'm back to decorating.

I just loved Purplemoon's Woodland Santa vignette...this is the pic of it:

This shelf in my LR has my gifted Santa & also a fav pic bk that I love ...purchased the deer last March on vacation...for displaying with this book "Stranger in the Woods"...

I kept thinking how nice a "Woodland" Santa would look here instead...so yesterday, while Christmas shopping with DH I came across this one at HL 50% off...so he came home with me...but ALAS, he was too tall for my shelf...so I think he found a home on the porch: (I just love 'em)

Here's a close-up...told DH I think he needs a "willow stick" for a walking stick...this one is kinda fancy:

I have not finished decorating in this vignette yet...I have some other "woodsy" decor...but I wanted to share him...thanks to PM & Enablers R Us!

I did get my Vine tree up in the DR before leaving last week...it's got 'rice lights' & a few red cardinal resin birds...I painted a couple more white birds (red now):

Here's a close-up of red garland...it added a bit more color:

You can't see the birds very well, but there's one in the lower right hand corner of this pic...the glass garland adds more sparkle to the tree with the rice lights:

Also been coveting an apothecary jar ...well, in Oct, I bought one with 40% off coupon ...amber jar with black metal lid at HL ...& then saw a shorter one that matched on sale last wk...50% HL prices. I'm working with these for my buffet (where I use lots of pinecones & natural items) ...so I don't know if they will stay here...I hope they will look great after I put up pinery & other decor...but here's a start...

I added a bit of flakey faux snow in bottom of both jars...gold beaded garland in short one & Christmas Willow Tree Angel & a white bottle brush tree in the tall one...you can't see them clearly like in a crystal jar...but it's kind of cool in RL...more like a water color painting...I'm still experimenting with items. Love the light bounces on them!

Last of all, I've been working on centerpc for DR table...I got this wrought iron candle holder with 5 goldish-bronze mercury glass votive holders...bought battery votive size candles for $1 ea HL sale price...added a pretty greenery candle ring & used round placemat underneath it all. I like how it's working but may add something in the center yet. That mercury glass is sure beautiful with candlelight! Here's a close-up:

Ok, that's it...TFlookin' & listenin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, beautiful santa and the deer is so cute sitting by the book. It all looks so nice with the Santa pic behind them. Love your woodland Santa (and PM's too) You have a great vignette with the lamp and house beside it. BTW, now that you mention it, that walking stick is pretty fancy. Will be waiting to see what you add to this!

Your vine tree is so neat and I always enjoy seeing it. Thanks for pointing out the birds or I would of missed on that one. Bet they are neat in RL.

Your amber apothecary jars are so different and very pretty with snow and the angel. The mercury wrought iron candle holder is pretty and looks good with the candle ring on your gr place mat. Love your little mercury birdie with them. How about adding a few berries or pine cones to your arrangement. Opps, you didn't ask for advise!!!

All your decorations are Lookin' Good as always.


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Love your Santas Jeanne. The Woodland one has such soulful eyes. I like what you did with the jars...I've been looking to put something like that together too with some battery candle light..now that I saw what you did (enabler)..I'm def going to do it. Your mercury votives look nice set up among the greens. They give a nice warm glow..but I must say my All Time Favorite is your Vine tree.
I just love it and now with the red glass beads..it looks so festive. I was outside the other day, cutting some twig branches for my mantel, and I saw there are still some great vines left...I thinking of attempting to make a tree like yours. Don't know what I'm in for, but I'm gonna try.
Yours is so beautiful, that it's inspired me from when I first saw it.
Love all you've done so far..keep it coming.


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It sounds like you had a fun 5 days! And that is wonderful you found a big Woodland Santa. I think yours is really lovely, his face especially. The porch setting is perfect for him.
I also really like the Santa vignette on your shelf. Hey, I just bought that book and now have it on the little round table with the Old World Santa and Reindeer (under my cardinal swag). When you found that deer, I loved it..and its just perfect with this vignette.

As for your vine tree, how many years have I been admiring that and wanting one? LOL. You use to show it to us on GJ occasionally. I'll find one someday.

Your posts and photos are always such delight.
hugs, Karen

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Your Santas are beautiful, and I love the little bookcase vinette Santa. Your centerpiece is lovely with the bronze mercury glass and little bird. I didn't know about that book, I have that pic as my desktop background at school, now I will have to get the book! I collect Christmasy books even thought I don't have grandkids yet!!
Again, love those Santas the way you display them.

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Jeanne, You did a wonderful job, as usual. Love your Santas. I can't wait to see Dollbaby all dressed upin her Christmas finery!!

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Jeanne, I always love reading your details about your finds and why you've chosen to place them in certain ways. The additon of the berries and red birds is perfect on your vine tree for Christmas, adds just the right amount of "holiday" to it. Very nice santas, I like them both. Really like how you used the santa and deer to mimic the book cover--looks great. So glad you got to have some time with the grandkids. That's the most special thing of all.


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Jeanne, it's so funny how we learn to appreciate everyone's different taste here. I'm loving the woodsy Santas and they are totally not something I would buy. Now I would totally buy the gold jars, they are beeeeeutiful.

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Yeppers....I'm loving the woodsy decorations. A gift that I have already rec'd this year is a biggish woodlook Father Christmas. He is holding a cardinal in one had and a walking stick in the other. I didn't know I needed him, but I'm delighted that he "lit" in my hutch!!
Jeanne your decos are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing with us!

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I love, love, love your style.

Didn't you just want to scream when the Santa didn't fit. I hate when that happens!

I was happy to see the tree again. I have the Stranger book too.

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!

punk...always appreciate any input! That's how I'm learning more & more...from you great holiday-ers on here! I'm thinking of a tall woodsy angel in the center...but have not found the right one yet or right price...think it would look good cause the buffet is decorated mainly that way...pinecones, berries, viney stars, etc.

jane & purplemoon..yup, that vine tree is my fav, too...there was a crafter who made them in this area but they were very expensive... I think you could do one, Jane! Worked some more on the buffet today & it's looking good...but didn't take pics yet...my pine gardland keeps falling off the back of mirror ledge! Ugh! Will work at that tomorrow. I did change to a "timer" faux candle in the big apothecary jar...thanks for that idea. Still playing with the shorter one...kept snow in both.
OA & PM...that book has just the BEST pics! Love it! Glad we all share it...thanks for your comments.

Jay...your Father Christmas sounds wonderful!
Frou...it is fun to see diff styles...glad you liked the jars...I love the gold of them!

nana & luvs...worked hard today & got lots done...more to go, tho...had a good time...am very pooped ...so no pics tonight...glad you enjoyed. Jeanne S.

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I just love the woodsy, nature look in your decorating. Everything looks so pretty and compliments each other. I think we all continue to tweek right up to Christmas day and sometimes even beyond - it is part of the fun of the holidays TFS .....


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I really like the grapevine tree. Very woodsy looking. All of your Santas are so unique, and I know that can be a challenge to find the unique ones.

Thanks for sharing,

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jeannespines, those woodland vignettes are so pretty, like I said in my thread, those woodland santa's are very tempting.

Love all the wood color tones and how beautiful they are & a departure from traditional red & green, the decor looks very rich!

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Thanks lynne, calico & yachter...appreciate your comments.

Do love the woodtones & the natural look ...but I sure enjoy all the other decor I see here on the Holiday forum...so much fun & great ideas!

Yup, lynne, we'll all be "tweeking," I'm sure! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I absolutely LOVE woodsy decorations, and yours are TOP NOTCH! You inspire me to do more especially since we live in the woods. LOVE THAT BOOK! Have it in my collection! Your Santas are top notch! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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