Vanity placement question

DeeV78July 17, 2014

We are remodeling our main bath. It's a small 5x10 bathroom. The vanity will be to the left of the entrance, toilet on same wall as vanity, and tub/shower at the end of the bathroom placed horizontally. My GC placed the vanity about 11" away from the corner. His reasoning, which I think is valid, is that the vanity width, while standard 22", is too much for the size of our bathroom. The width between room corner and door is exactly 22" so if the vanity was placed I. The corner, it would jet out right upto the door, ie cut into the trim and possibly interfere with the door opening. Making the door smaller in order to get more width on the wall is not an option for us due to cost and timing.

So question to you all is whether it would look weird to have the vanity placed 11" away from the corner? GC suggested putting a hamper in that space. All pictures I've seen and every bathroom I've ever see has vanity tucked in a corner.

While his suggestion is practical, will it look good? Look fwd to GW user input. Thanks.

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Here's a pic, may may not be too helpful.

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We have the same size bathroom (5x10) with a similar layout, except mine is flipped from your setup. My vanity + counter overhang is 22" deep. There is a small filler piece, about 1", between the vanity and the door wall that allows the drawers to clear the door trim. My door is located as far to the left as possible.

How long is your vanity? It seems a shame to waste the space in the corner.

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The vanity is 42". The depth is 22". We have 36" door which is to the far corner but width of bathroom just isn't enough to accommodate 36" door, 3" door trim and 22" vanity.

I agree it's a shame to waste the space. GC says that since he can't have vanity by the corner, he could either leave a couple of inches enough for the door to clear, or leave a decent 10-12" so that we make use of the gap with a waste basket or hamper.

I've just never seen a bathroom with vanity NOT tucked in a corner so afraid it'll look strange.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's totally not a big deal to make a door smaller. Do that. A 36'' door into a non ADA bath is way overkill.

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I have around 12 inches between my side wall and the vanity. I wanted a stand alone look. I have a towel tree in the 12" space, but it could be any thing. I have my vanity trimmed out on both sides so it looks more finished.

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I think my hall bath vanity/ door situation is the same as yours. We have not remodeled this bathroom yet so the pictures show the original installation.
Hopefully you can see in this picture that the door trim is actually behind the side of the vanity. There is no filler next to the cabinet so the right cabinet door can only open 90 degrees but it is not a problem for accessing items in the cabinet. We don't have drawers in this section of our vanity. Looks like you have inset drawers in your vanity so maybe the frame of your cabinet would actually provide enough space for your drawers to clear the molding around your bathroom door.

This picture belo shows how they notched the door frame to accommodate the countertop and side splash. Since you don't need a side splash because of your wall tile a little notch for your countertop would not be as noticeable. Before remodel my master bath had just a small notch in the door frame for the countertop overhang. It was not a big deal.

Even though the notched door molding is not the most aesthetically pleasing look I would rather have that than either of the spaces your GC is suggesting. But if you have to leave space I guess it should be at least big enough to tuck a waste basket into.

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enduring, thanks for sharing. how wide is your vanity?

badgergal, that's a creative solution. Unfortunatley for us, the height of the vanity touches the door jam so not sure if we could even get away with this workaround.

still noodling over whether to a) go through effort of replacing with a smaller door, b) replace vanity and find an 18" depth vanity, which could get expensive as I may have to order vanity base and top separately in order to match the vanity top with the tile work, or c) stay with current vanity and door size and simply have it be placed a few (or 10-11) inches away from corner.


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my vanity is 60" wide by 21"(or what ever the standard vanity is) deep. Here is a pic from the other side so you can see the side more clearly. I had the vanity made for my remodel. I had the toe kick go around from the front to the sides for a more finished look. I put LED light under the toe kick for a night light. It is almost too bright, so glad I put it on a dimmer.

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enduring, you have a beautiful bathroom. Makes me feel better looking at this.

I love our has 6 drawers and beautiful finish and exposed legs. see link below. Looking at your picture gives me hope for the configuration suggested by my GC....

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If that is your vanity, then it is meant to stand away from the wall. It would look funny against a side wall, IMHO. My vanity is toe kick only around the bottom, but I was totally going for a furniture look like what you have in your link. It will be nice having it away from your doorway. I could store a scale in my side area if I didn't already have another place for the scale.

Off topic: I have a built in laundry/linen cabinet on the other side of the room from the vanity. I put in a 12" deep toe kick to accommodate my scale :) I place the scale on a square of clear durable refrigerator plastic liner with ridges that I picked up somewhere. I slide the scale in and out by grabbing the end of the liner. Because of the ridges the sheet stays stiff enough that it doesn't buckle up when I push the scale back in under the toe kick. It makes it so easy to push back and forth.

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I wouldnt even think your doorway had anything to do with it and instead that your vanity was deliberately off the corner wall because you were able to, not because you had to.

Vanities look far nicer and make a room feel more spacious to me when theyre not pressed into the cornerl.`

The free-standing aspect makes them look more furniture-style quality and as enduring mentioned, how your side panels have finished trim panels is condusive to it being free-standing.

Corner flush vanities are fine, the norm, but to me they make a bathrooms seem more compact, like space allowance left no choice but for it to be forced up against the corner wall. My powder is only bathroom with vanity up against the corner wall and only because I fell in love one for the room that isnt made less wide.

I particularly like how your half tiled wall seems to accentuate the space on the side. Betting if you go with it, in hindsight youll actually appreciate it not being in the corner.

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Thank you enduring and jaynes. Turns out our bathroom door is only 30" (not 36" as i thought) so going w smaller door may not even be an option. I've asked our GC to place the toilet in position so that I can see what the finished layout would look like. Hope that helps me feel better about the layout.

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Elraes Miller

Linelle, This is a bit OT and will post a separate thread is need be. My bath is located as yours. The door to bath can be seen from the living room, past an alcove. I have always hated the door location, but as with yours the electrical being moved to move the door over out weighs how much work I'm up to.

Does anyone have the same layout and have a negative reaction to this and solution?

As for the open space with a cabinet, my preference would be to size one that can incorporate a tall (perhaps to the ceiling) storage, Next to the door wall.

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We had a similar situation in our master bathroom and we ordered a custom depth vanity so that it would fit on our narrow depth wall and we wouldn't have to notch any door molding.

Did your contractor measure and order the materials? If so I would argue with them that they should have been aware of this issue when the materials were being ordered and they should pay to fix the problem (whether that be ordering a new vanity, new smaller door, etc.)

With that being said, if you have the room and it doesn't cram the toilet area (not sure how long you vanity is)...I like it when a vanity is away from the wall and more centered. You an always place a trash can or towel rack or something like that in the corner.

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technicolor, you can see my bathroom with the door open if you stand right in front of the TV. The main part of the living room is to the left from where the photo is taken. On the plus side, you can watch TV while in the bath or sitting on the toilet. I live alone and never close doors. :)

Personally, I don't find the view into the bathroom objectionable. I mean, I just spent some bucks for a remodel and I'll be damned if I'm gonna hide it from the world. :)

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How about a pocket door for the bathroom? I have never priced them so I don't know if this is financially feasible but they do save a ton of space.

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Scpalmetto, it's not the door swing that is causing the problem; it's the small width if the bathroom. I don't want to go smaller than 30" door we already have so options are limited to vanity off the corner or replace with custom 18" deep vanity.

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