5 Star Rangetops

philwojoJuly 13, 2012

Has anyone used or heard anything about 5 Star range tops? I saw them on a cooking show and they look really nice, they come with either sealed or open burner options and have a grill/griddle combo, though not a traditional grill, it is a Lodge pan that you can flip over.

Just wondering if this is even a good brand or not, or if there is any negative feedback on it.

I'm still leaning toward the BS 36" range top at this point, but saw this and it at least made me wonder.


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Hey Phil,

I'm wondering the same thing. I haven't been able to find much info at all about this brand but it seems interesting.

I was originally wanting to do a Culinarian but the simmer thing has me a bit worried so I'm leaning towards Bluestar. That said, the video on the FiveStar website says the burners go down to 350 BTUs and the chef is making Hollandaise directly on the burner.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this range?

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If you are talking about the video on the main page that is Rick Bayless and he is a well known chef in Chicago (my hometown area), and I watch his cooking show that is how I found out about 5 star. I hope others have some feedback on this as well.


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I never knew his name but I used to watch him on PBS when I was younger. I'm from Chicagoland, too (Clarendon Hills) and boy do I miss it!!

Hopefully someone has some info!

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I live in Darien, so right near your old stomping grounds. I grew up in the south burbs (South Holland). Great place to live, though it has been too hot here lately (3 days straight of 100+ temps last week).

I hope to hear from others still.

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Small world... my husband's parents still live in Darien! I'm in SW Florida now so I understand the misery of heat! I miss the winters like crazy, if you can imagine.

Well, at least our little convo will keep this on the front page and hopefully we will get some feedback on the Fivestar.

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5 star open burners are the old style ring burners,only 15000 BTU.Their sealed burners can go to 21000 BTU on their ranges, I don't know if it is the same for their rangetops.
No way are they in the same class as the Bluestar. I have a CC range and I would go for the Bluestar rangetop over the CC rangetop as well.

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Caddidaddy 55 -Why would you choose a Bluestar rangetop over the CC? Do you
have a grill?

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I would choose the Bluestar over the CC because of the better simmer. I only have this griddle grille combo that fits over 2 burners, I modified the grease collection chanels (not shown)by adding extra chanels between and above the existing chanels to keep the grease from dripping on the stove top. The flame still gets thru.
I found out I like grilling indoors so much I wish I would have bought a range with a grille.

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Caddidaddy, do you have any personal pictures of your setup, I'd love to see some better pictures than what that link has of your griddle, that is something that I am considering.

What are you thoughts on that combo, where do you store it, is it worth the price you paid?


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The griddle doesn't heat as evenly as I hoped it would. I have a thick alum one that covers 1-1/2 burners that is a lot better in that respect, but it is large and the grease tray is on the front. The grill works well with the modifications I made, but as I said, I wish I would have bought a range with a grill. We store it in the walk in pantry. It was expensive, but it is not exactly a high production item. Was it worth it, Probbly not.

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I am a KD and sold a 30" fivestar over 12 years ago. My client LOVED the range. I recently sold another one to a very picky chef type....and he loves it too! I just ordered my new kitchen cabinets and I'm getting a 48" Fivestar in 2013!

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