Grout mixed with sealer?

randekaspJuly 23, 2013

My tile man says he can install the grout so that the cabinets can be installed the next day. When I ask him about drying, sealing and curing he says he mixes the sealer with the grout so the only time needed is the time it takes to dry. I haven't heard of this anywhere else. He says he's done this for 16 years with no problem. I'd love your feedback. Also- I've heard Fusion pro is great at resisting stains, doesn't need sealer- so why doesn't everyone just use this?is there fine print somewhere:)

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We have so many issues with grout these days. The grout curing to the wrong color. The color being blotchy.

Back when grout was just fine sand, portland cement, and colorant, hey, all was well. Now that grout manufacturers have modified their grouts with polymer additives, etc...and add to that the fact that third-party companies have come out with grout sealers, grout colorants, grout fortifiers, grout this's and grout that's...everybody wants to add this and that to the grout to get the super-bestest most bullet-proof stain-proof grout that has ever been invented in the history of the world.

Don't you think it reasonable that grout manufacturers think the product in their bags is already the best it can be?

I generally caution people on adding things to grout unless the grout itself is unmodified.

If the grout is already modified, leave it alone. Only add to it what the manufacturer says can be added to it. You can find that information on the bag itself, or on the manufacturer's website.

Otherwise, seal it after installation. Enhance it after installation. Recolor it after installation. My opinion.

Best bet? Call the tech support line of the grout manufacturer. Get their opinion on adding a sealer during installation. Ask if it could affect the overall color of the grout.

They may give you a thumb's up, a thumb's down, or they may say "proceed at your own risk".

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Mongoct - A belated thank you. :)

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