Problem bookmarking in Firefox - don't get dialog box

lynnalexandraFebruary 3, 2013

I've struggled with this problem for a few months - through several versions of Firefox - and searching a bit online.

I'm stumped. On my desktop computer (latest version of Firefox, Windows XP), I no longer get a dialog box when I bookmark something. I have all these folders set up and I used to get a dialog box that let me pick where to put the bookmark. For a while now, I don't get that dialog box on my desktop. I have checked under "Add Bookmark Here Options" and tried altering things there - no difference. From the settings, it looks like right clicking the bookmark star in the address bar should bring up the dialog - but it doesn't. For a while, I could still access the dialog box by going to the page itself, right-clicking somewhere on the screen, which brought up a dialog box that included the option to "bookmark this page." When I selected "bookmark this page", then the dialog box came up and I could determine which folder to put the bookmark in. But in the last couple of weeks (I'm not certain precisely how long), that option doesn't bring up the bookmark dialog box either.

Interestingly, on my laptop at home (also XP) and at work (Windows 7), I can still get bookmark dialog boxes with any of those methods. I might have an add-on on my desktop that's interfering - but I"m not sure what it would be. I did not install a new addon in the last couple of weeks - but maybe an add-on got updated along with a firefox update?

This problem clearly isn't resolving itself - so I need some help. I do most of my bookmarking and organizing on my desktop - and it's becoming an disorganized mess of bookmarks.


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Hi lynnalexandra,

Safe Mode is a special Firefox mode that can be used to troubleshoot and fix problems. Safe Mode temporarily resets some settings and disables add-ons that might be causing problems. See link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Firefox safe mode

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Thanks Joe.

I did Safe Mode and was able to figure out that it was the "Bookmark Current Tab Set" that was preventing the bookmark dialog box. I disabled it. I'll probably remove it but wanted to check first to see what it does and job my memory about why I installed it in the first place.


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You're Welcome Lynn !

Joe :)

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I lost 'spell check' years ago on Firefox. I could not get it back and it disappeared on all my computers (XP and Win 7). Never could find the solution and tried the various fixes FF offers.

Just wondering if anyone gets 'spell-check' on FF anymore?

Lynn, sorry to jump in on your post but glad to know you found a fix.


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Hi jane ny,

By default, Firefox is configured to automatically check spelling.

spelll check always works for me in Firefox, the first word in this sentence was underlined in red for me, and I don't have any add ons for spell check.

Here is a link that might be useful: spelling.

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