Viking Induction and Gas

flevyJuly 4, 2012

I was all set to go with the Thermador Induction Cooktop yesterday. Came home and told DH about the change in plans. He looked at me and said he wants gas. Period, the END. No discussion.

Back to the drawing board... :)

My kitchen design is laid out to accomodate a 72" range. So I have plenty of space to put something. The kitchen also needs 2 ovens. I would like a gas oven and an electric oven. I have more floor space than wall space so a range is ideal or if I do the cooktop, it would be a cooktop over a wall oven.

Here's my latest idea.....get both Viking Induction and Gas. I know the ranges have their issues. But for the way I cook, unless the darn thing stops working I'll be okay, having a low low simmer is not critical to most of my cooking.

I'm looking for opinions on the "look" of the 2 ranges side by side. I would like to get the ranges in black.

I could either install them as shown in the picture or I could install them with a 12 base cabinet between the 2 units. I would do the counter top in between them in SS and possibly try and have the drawer fronts of the base cabinet faced with metal and painted black as well.

Alright Kitchen Gurus....let me have it....good idea, bad idea, really bad manufacturer choice....

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QUOTE: "Here's my latest idea.....get both Viking Induction and Gas. I know the ranges have their issues. But for the way I cook, unless the darn thing stops working I'll be okay, having a low low simmer is not critical to most of my cooking."

Sorry, I'm not a Kitchen Guru or designer, so can't help you on the merits of Viking ranges or placement, but was just wondering what you mean by "for the way I cook"? 2 ranges with 72" of cooktop is a lot of cooktop, so you must cook for a lot of people when you do cook or perhaps cater? I would want a low low simmer, however. When you need to simmer for a lengthy period of time it would be great to have.

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Patty0315--in designing my kitchen there seem to be 2 competing and function/reality.

Design says get the darn lacanche. It's beautiful and the kitchen is already planned to accommodate it.

Reality is I make pasta 3 nights a week for the kids and just need to bring a pot of water to boil. If the kids are lucky they'll get some sort of chicken with their noodles. The other nights we do take out. And then one or two nights we do what I call fridge clean out where we just eat leftovers.

I came to this realization and made myself admit it. That's what led me to the induction cooktop. I do see the merits of two ovens though for the few times a year when I do cook for 15-20 people.

So now I'm left with a huge space in the kitchen plan. DH said he wants wants gas. I want induction. I can't find a range that has both. So my thought was 2 ranges.

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Sounds good to me! Why not if you can. The older I get the more I just do what I want to and make my life more fun. Not long again I headed out for groceries and came home with an Ipad.

That was exactly the reason I demanded double ovens. My contractor just laughed and asked how often I was going to use both ovens. I told him if I used it twice a year for a turkey in one and sides in the other at Thanksgiving and a prime rib and sides at Christmas it was well worth it! When you need that second oven you need it, that's all.

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That's awesome about the IPAD!

This will be the last kitchen I ever build. The next time we move, we're going to Fla and buying a fully furnished condo. If I'm lucky meals will be included :)

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Everyone's needs are different. I keep a kosher kitchen and have two ranges - one electric and one gas. I just purchased an electrolux induction range which is fabulous. The oven bakes beautifully and it has a small oven underneath which I use for casseroles, reheating, and warming. There is a "matching" gas range. I don't know anything about electrolux's gas ranges as far as quality. But my induction is fabulous so if you want induction this might be another option. I will be buying a CC for my other range because of its grill and recommendations of GW.
American Range makes a hybrid range with both induction and gas - its 36 inch "step up". There has been a little discussion about it on GW. I believe one person ordered it and was waiting for it to come in. There is not a lot of information about it.
You have me a little confused because you discuss two ranges side by side and induction cook tops. Why not get an excellent gas range like CC or BS with a grill or griddle and put an induction cook top next to it? You and your husband can have the best of all worlds.

Anyway, in answer to the question you asked I would put a countertop between the ranges for functionality. You don't say the length of your entire space - but personally I would want 24-36 inches in between the ranges for prepping space unless you will have an island adjacent. That being said, I think your ranges look fine next to one another - its a matter of cooking style.

Remember something else - your kids will grow and your cooking style and tastes will evolve. KIds will want more then pasta. If you enjoy cooking and think you might want to cook more ambitious recipes when the children are older get a range or ranges that will allow for culinary growth. By the way, electric ovens are better for baking then gas so there is good reason to get both!!
Why is your husband against induction? Does he know the technology has been around a long time and is popular in Europe? Maybe he just needs to
learn more about it.
Keep us posted on your decision.

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I like the look of them side by side ...60" of range is a beautiful thing excited for you... the oven on my range works great and is dead on temp wise...Brad

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Do a search to get up to date on any problem discussions for viking. Other choices should be in the mix.
Modular induction and gas sections in the EM series from Electrolux Professional are restaurant components that fit together as needed.

Here is a link that might be useful: EM cookers Electrolux Professional

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I think you have a home run concept there with the 1 gas, 1 induction Viking ranges plus the roll out matching counter dividing them. The removable counter will also help avoid damage when maintenance access is needed.

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I like the idea of all cooktops/ranges together for the esthetics. It is easier to slide and move hot pots also. The part of cook top not used will be used as a counter top, ie a place to rest hot cookie sheets for example. If you need to move the hot pot with stew to get it off the cooking area, you can move it to the other cooking area without any concern as you would have to with a 'countertop'...

You can fit a cutting board over the gas burners. The induction top is a great place to rest a bunch of prep bowls filled with chopped vegies when using the gas top. There is absolutely no need to put a countertop in the middle and ruin the look, IMHO. Not only that 12 inch counter top is a useless space. What will you use it for?

I love the look. I like the versatility. I wish I had thought to do the same. I really wanted both induction and gas in my kitchen. The space was a premium and I did not get two ranges. If I ever do a kitchen again, I will do modular kitchen with both induction and gas....

BTW, the picture you have is 2 30 inches ranges together, not 36 inch ranges. 30 inch ranges waste 6 inches between two sets of cooktops. I suggest that you put in a griddle or a grill in the gas portion so that you have slightly more cooking versatility.

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A member over on the Kitchens forum put two 30" gas ranges side by side as she caters, cooks extensively, and blogs about it. I think its a great idea if you need that many burners. What kind of ventilation are you planning for 72" of cooking space? That's got to be one whopper of a hood! And have you worked out the MUA system you'll need for a vent of the CFMs necessary for two ranges?

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I don't need that many burners and I highly doubt there would ever be more than 3 going at any one time. I just want the option of cooking on either gas or induction depending upon what I'm making.

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