options for outside tile corners?

nutherokie_gwJuly 31, 2011

I'm finally about to order tile for my master bathroom. What are my options for outside corners with ceramic subway tile? I've seen bullnose, and I think maybe quarter round wrapping the corner. Are there any other options?

I've got six outside corners and the trim pieces are killing me price-wise! Thanks!

Oh, and pictures would be wonderful if you've got any.

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Well, you already know about the bullnose, and that WOULD be the optimum. You could also miter the pieces on either side of the corner, but that tends to leave a sharp edge that's easily chipped, and could easily cut someone if it's not done properly. Another would be to use a wood trim at the corners, but I really don't care at all for that. The last would be a metal bullnose strip from Schluter (same people who make Kerdi) called Shiene. here's a pic of it:

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Many thanks, Bill!

It sounds like I'm probably stuck with the bullnose. I didn't know about the mitering option, but since I'm planning on crackle-glazed ceramic, mitering might not be viable for me. The glaze looks kind of fragile and I suspect it might shatter or flake?

The metal bullnose looks beautiful with that darker tile in your pics! I'm afraid it might be a bit too stark a contrast with my off-white subways.

I just wish the bullnose weren't so expensive.

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I can't take a closer pic right now, but could if you are interested in this. My mosaic tile came (bought separately) with a corner piece made out of ceramic for outside corners. It coordinated with the many colors in my mosaic and the whole line of tile had those trim pieces. You can barely see the line on the angled tub front that carries up into the leaf tile. It is just like the Schluter trim only ceramic.

This is the line of tile if you can locate it and see if the color might go with your subway. There might be other tile lines that have something similar.

in the link, click on trim pieces - they are the 1/2 x 6" corners. Then click on the colors link...the white doesn't look too stark. Just an idea to check if you want.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fap ceramiche Velvet tile

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Wow Olychick! What a beautiful bathroom! I'll check out your tile line. Thanks!

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Here's one with the metal bullnose and light colored tile. The reason I didn't show it first was because you really can't see it (which, I guess is the point) Any place there's an outside corner, inculding the edges of the shower, the edges of the tub deck, and the steps, as well as the two short walls on either side of the tub, there's a metal bullnose strip:

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Oh, thanks, Bill, now i get it! I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. That looks really nice and sleek with the light tiles. It sounds like I've got a couple more options than I was aware of.

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Bill I *SO* wish I knew about that metal bullnose a couple months ago..We had to switch our tile choice because the only trim it came with was a very expensive quarter round...The trim alone was $1000 of our quote for the shower, almost 2x the cost of the field tile total. I sure would have preferred the 10x20" tiles I originally picked vs the 4.5x12" I ended up with.

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