marble slab wall shower

kisuJuly 28, 2013

I'd like to get some advice on installing full white carrera marble slab walls. This would be for one room that is a full shower and also above a cast iron tub that will be used as a tub/shower combo.

We are thinking of using black felt paper over the studs for a vapor barrier, then 1/2" hardi-backer, then using some type of epoxy to adhere the white marble (not sure what best epoxy for this is). Not sure yet whether marble will go all the way to ceiling but I doubt it since that would make the marble very heavy and also usually the wall to ceiling is never perfectly straight so that requires yet another slant cut at the ceiling height. So marble will probably stop about a foot from the ceiling - advice on this would be great too.

Any advice on how to proceed would be great.

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I need it to be a full real marble slab that is white Carrera in coloring- no lines and no fake cultured marble.

I'm looking more for installation instructions. Plus you are not located in the San Francisco Bay area.

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Call a stone pro and have them quote you. It's not at all DIY friendly to be carrying a 500 pound piece of stone and jockeying it into place. Much less, being able to cut and polish. Just be sure the infrastructure supports your decor choice. As in the joists are rated to carry that much weight without too much deflection, and the stud walls have to be absolutely straight. No bowing or out of plumb or square. That's the hardest part about the whole job. Prepping usually is. $100 a square foot would be about a beginning charge for this with a basic marble. Prettier is of course, more money. You might be able to squeak it all out of one slab, but I'd bet on buying two bookmatched ones if having the veins flow well is important to you.

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You can use the fake calacata slabs instead of the real Carrara . They are being sold at the marble wearhouse . You cannot tell the difference to the real stone . They are lighter in weight and maintenance free for the shower area .

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