Oldie 'Christmas' Finds for next year!

jeannespinesDecember 29, 2011

I was NOT going to shop for any more Christmas decor (this yr, anyway!) LOL! ...but went to 'Calico Hen House' a fav consignment shop w/a friend & brought these home today:

Kissing Angels Musical: (made in Japan sticker on bottoms)

I found some by Goggling & have put a You-tube link to this pair below. I pd $9.22 for each one ...they are a hard plastic & the boy Angel plays 'Silent Night.'

They are about 9-l/2" tall ....very cute...don't look 'plastic' at all...antiquey looking...here's a description on a etsy site & another pic:


And in another part of the store I found this Holy Family...also a 'plastic' but so realistic ...labeled 'Fine Quality Japan' ...pd $6 for the 3-pc set...Joseph is about 7" tall to give you an idea:

They look very 'woodsy' in person & will be beautiful in a vignette by themselves.

Also I've been looking for a 'cup holder' for my Winter dishes ...now that I have 9 place setting...3 cups sit in Winterfrost tray w/glasses ...but 6 cups needed a place & don't stack good. My friend saw this & it wasn't priced but had 2 other white cups for sale on it...so clerk called the vendor & she said $5.95..>I said 'SOLD!' & it worked out perfect:

It's made of wood & some type of homemade hooks ...DH said he couldn't have made it for that price! So I am happy!

And 1 final share...from a Secret Santa on another forum...reminds me of our 'luvs' here & her talents! These 'JOY' blocks on 2x4 wood, probably mod-podged w/scrapbook paper & then Cricut letters ...aren't they the cutest! This pic is under the tree & 2nd pic I moved them to the wall shelf near the tree...love 'em!

Happy New Year, 'Holiday-ers!' TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Kissing Angel Music Box U Tube

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Great finds Jeanne! The little Kissing Angels are adorable. And I love the Holy Family. How lucky to find the stand it is perfect for your Winter Frost cups. Those blocks from your Secret Santa are wonderful...Gosh some people are so talented.

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Jeanne, I can see why you didn't pass up these great finds. Totally agree with Nana's comments. Love the kissing angels, how sweet! The Holy Family is touching.

The cup holder is so 'You' with the aging look and your cups look great on it. The JOY blocks are beautiful and love them placed in your last picture.

Fun, fun, fun! So glad you and your friend got to hang out and shop.


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LOL, punk over you saying " is so 'You' with the aging look..." OK! So I took it out of context! I'm using my Kissing Angels now before they get put away soon! I'll post a pic today. Thanks, nana & punk! Jeanne S.

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Here's the 'oldie' Kissing Angels on my buffet now before they are packed away!

See their reflections in the buffet mirror!

Here's another angle ...the lil' girl Angel's ponytail:

Here's a close-up ...the painting is so wonderful ...& the antiquing:

The boy Angel has the wind-up music box on the bottom & here's a pic of him going around: (I also put a You tube link to click on of another pair like this in my original post above):

And this shows a bit more of the buffet:

I just love this 'find!' (made in Japan) TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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~~shaking head~~ I just don't know how you gals find all these great things. I am so totally in love with the 'kissing' angels - they are just the cutest. I had to do a doubletake on the nativity figures - they are almost exactly like my set - obviously made by the same company - late 60's. This is the whole nativity - Joseph has his hands switched and Mary has a green cape but the workmanship is the same. They are made from a very heavy duty papermache and then a glazey type of painting - I love mine. TFSing yours ......


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Jeanne..you have so many nice treasures to look forward to next Christmas! I agree with everyone else that those kissing angels are the sweetest pair. They remind me of a kinder time where you didn't have to pay a fortune to have a quality piece. I agree with you that they are painted so nicely. Every now and then I come across a treasure from the past, and can see that the quality is so different from what they make today. Your Holy Family and Kissing Couple are great finds...enjoy them!

Lynne..Your Nativity certainly does look like the same style. It's lovely and you have it displayed so nicely.


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lynne .... Oh, that is the same Nativity (only painted diff) Love it! ...I Googled after I first purchased these pcs & thought I read that they were 'plastic' ...but I agree w/your description...that's what these Kissing Angels & Holy Family feel & look like a heavy papermache & glazes (at first I thought they were a light wt. plastercast of some sort. Thank you!

Thanks for the comments, Holiday-ers...I'm leaving the Kissing Angels out a few days & just packed up my Nativity's & took down the RL tree...it's yucky weather here...getting colder & colder & the wind is strong! Happy New Year! Jeanne S.

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Super finds, Jeanne! Its easy to tell how much you love those Kissing Angels, so hope you let yourself enjoy them awhile before packing them away! I'd call them 'winter decor' and leave them out all month. ;o)

Your name was all over that cup holder! Its perfect. And the wood JOY looked like Luvs' creation, then I read they were from a GJ'er.

Your last shopping spree of 2011 ended with a bang! Way to go, Girl.
hugs, Karen

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OMgosh, lynne...I was looking some more at your Nativity & wondered how you placed it...& that's YOUR CAT!!! Thought that 'gray' looked quite at home in the manger scene! LOL!

Thanks, slinkey & purplemoon...yes, I do appreciate the 'quality & I'm leaving the Kissing Angels out for a bit & a friend gifted me a beautiful mercury gold candleholder that looks lovely beside the angels. Good to hear from you both, Jeanne S.

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LOL at Village Cat. I've always enjoyed seeing Lynne's village, and Kitty is usually in it I think. Very carefully I might add. Jazz would go thru a Village like a tornado, I'm sure. LOL. Wanna trade, Lynne?

Jeanne, a mercury gold candleholder sounds real pretty to put with the angels. I experimented this afternoon trying the faux mercury technique on a cheapy GW clear vase. I sprayed it with the Krylon Mirror Glass paint, then sprayed some water on it and blotted it with a paper towel. I also then lightly hit some areas with metallic gold spray. It turned out kind of neat considering I didn't know exactly what I was doing. And anything is an improvement on those
big vases GW is always full of.

hugs, Karen

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That sounds very cool, purplemoon! But I am extremely jealous because I bet you were either outside or else had your windows open! We had a high today of 23 deg, sunny & windy! Hope you'll post some pics of those vases if you do some more. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, it was 79 today. That's a bit weird for January, even for us. I was wearing a tee out playing ball with the dogs. I sure hope we're not in for another year of weird weather in this country.

I'll get pix of that vase soon, and the deer my DD found me plus a beautiful LARGE bird figurine I got before Christmas at a little antique shop I hadn't been in before. My sweet friend and I were running a quick errand and saw the shop and stopped.

I'm trying to get my decorations packed up, but of course its slow going. ;o( Did a lot yesterday but couldn't hardly do anything today. Irritating as heck Santa didn't bring me those new legs I'd asked for.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

It's always fun to find things after Christmas and if you're like me, you'll forget about them by next year and be surprised all over again!

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Ahhh, the Kissing Angels are still out, Marlene! They inspire me for a peaceful New Year! Here's that mercury candle gifted to me. I think I'll post this pic from last night on the NY post:

TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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