New Bluestar came yesterday!

Kristen HallockJuly 23, 2013

My range was delivered yesterday. Its a beauty! We purchased the 6-burner RNB range. Unfortunately my hardwood floors got scratched a bit when the delivery guys tried to slide the range without the feet on it. We didnt realize that they were packed inside the oven.

I'm trying to decide if I should get the shipping company to pay for the scratches to be fixed? I ordered the range from an online retailed (that has a store in NY) and it was shipped via AM Trucking.

I think I need to invest in a lifetime supply of stainless steel cleaner. What do you use to clean your range?

I also got the 42" Pyramid hood. We are mounting it 32" above the range, so the 15" tall chimney piece is actually too tall for our 8' ceilings. We would like to trim 2" off the chimney. I found another post on this here from lambic back in 2009. It sounds like he/she had the same problem and brought the chimney piece to a sheetmetal shop to have it trimmed. I think we will go the same route.

Besides those few issues, I love the range! I cant actually use it yet, but it looks beautiful. And the hood is very nice too. Although my arms feel like they are going to fall off since I had to hold that sucker up over my head for about 15 minutes while my husband drilled holes to fasten it onto the wall.

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I would def demand that the company pay to fix those scratches. It's at least worth asking.

I had the same issue with venting - I had to cut about 2 inches off the top of the extender piece. But it was easy enough to do.

Congrats on the new equipment. I have the same set up as you, except for a smaller (36") hood. You're gonna love it.

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Kristen Hallock

gtadross - Did you go to a sheetmetal person to have it cut?

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My contractor did it on site with a sawz-all. A sheet metal guy would work just fine as well. He also put a bead of high-temp silicone around the edges where the extender and the main chimney meet in order to reduce vibrations

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Too bad about your floor, hopefully it can be repaired, and the delivery co. can claim responsibility. Congrats on your new range, and welcome to the Bluestar lovers club! 36RNB with griddle and a 36" Prizer hood

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I clean mine w/soap and water and buff w/a micro fiber towel. I wouldn't use SS cleaners, too streaky. After I wipe it down, I let it dry and then just go over it quickly w/a MF towel and it looks great. I've even got the hi backquard, so have a lot of SS. Just realized, mine is colored so I have a lot LESS SS that most people, even my hood is colored. Still, I would think just soap and water would work best.

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Vicki Lunceford

Barkeeper's Friend is great on stainless steel. I have a BlueStat, too. We remodeled our kitchen and converted from electric to gas so I could have a BlueSar 36" rangetop. I love it, love it, love it!!

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Kristen Hallock

Do you buy the powder or liquid Bar Keepers Friend?

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Kristen Hallock

I filed a claim with the shipping company and 3 days later someone finally called me and asked about the damage and I told him how I had just had my floors refinished in April and he asked if I wanted them to send someone out to look at the scratches and I said yes and I gave him the name of the guy we used back in April. That was late Friday afternoon so hopefully we hear back this week.

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