Looking for pics of modest SE Asian influenced bath ideas

esgaJuly 3, 2013

Would love to see photos and especially find a site that would give us inspiration for designing a fairly simple bath using natural materials. My husband particularly,likes natural Asian looks - simple Japanese or rustic Indonesian, for example. The Asian bathrooms at Houzz are way too sophisticated and luxurious looking - too obviously designer.

Any ideas of resource sites? I would love to see your photos if you have done this in a simple way. Thanks.

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how about a shoji screen mounted on the wall, saw one in a design magazine a few years back.

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I probably should have made it clear that we are adding a bath, not just adding some decorative elements. So we really need pictures to see what the concept would be like! So a shoji screen could be great but we also need to get the rest of the elements in place. What materials for shower, walls, floor? etc.

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I wouldn't dismiss houzz so fast. There is plenty to take away from the bathrooms there, even if you're not working on that budget level. The use of bamboo matting as wallpaper behind a mirror, the use of multiple sizes of round mirrors instead of a big expanse of plate glass, lining open shelves with backpainted glass--there are hundreds of ideas there that don't have to cost a fortune.

And a lot of what's there isn't expensive, either. The zen sinks, for example, you can get for a couple hundred bucks at overstock, from time to time if you follow them.

Just in general, most people look at expensive baths to figure out their design boards, then look around the places they can afford to shop to find stuff in the same styles.

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One of the posters, here, did a WONDERFUL job on the design of their bathroom. Link to the thread is below.

Are you guys interested in a tub? If so, consider a japanese style soaking tub. There are all kinds of designs, and the Americh Beverly 4040 or 6040 offers a traditional twist on them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sochi's fantastic bathroom

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This still may be more decorative than you are interested in but it is one of my inspiration pictures - wish I knew where I could get this wall tile - don't know if it is porcelain-wood look alike or wood (but probably wood) .
I suspect the vanity is custom. The windows are quite nice too giving lots of light but still private.

p.s. I recommend a curbless shower if you really want the "streamlined" minimalist look that is often associated with Asian style.

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There is another GW member who did what I consider an Asian influenced BR- at least it has a little bit of that ''flavor'' : olychick

Here is a link that might be useful: olychick's bathroom in the tress

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Mine certainly qualifies as modest. I wanted to put subtle Asian influences but not over the top. We also just refaced the bathroom instead of starting from scratch. Here are some pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: My asian inspired bath

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For inspiration, I recommend a trip to Bali. I mean it.

The most beautiful bathrooms I have seen in the world are on that island. The balinese have made bathing a ritual. From temple bathing to personal bathing, their bathrooms are artistic, serene, beautiful and cleansing to the soul.

They use wood, white sandstone, carvings, river pebbles, light and greenery.

The Balinese aesthetic is probably my favorite in the world. Everywhere you go you see artistic expression..

unfortunately tourism is destroying the very thing we tourists go to see :)

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I would go back to Houzz and google searches and find something you love, designer or not. Then come here and ask for help interpreting it for your space and your budget.

My Asian inspired bathroom (posted above) was inspired by a bathroom I found in a magazine, plus a couple of Houzz pictures. My was budget was middle of the road, no designer, aside from the ones here on GW who gave great advice.

And by all means, go to Bali if you can!

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