where to put shower door? pics included...

graceshanJune 5, 2012

So after all the hard work figuring out tiles for the shower, now we have a dilemma regarding the shower door (it will be all glass around the 3 sides). The original plan was to put it in the middle as noted on the plan:

But when the glass guy came out to give bids he suggested the possibility of putting it on the right side so the hinges would be on the wall and not in the direct spray area. This makes sense for a couple other reasons as our towel racks are on that side and it makes it easier to open the door and turn on the water before jumping in.

But aesthetically I'm not sure how it will look. I always imagined the door in the center and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around a change.

The body sprays are the only thing spraying out because the top is a rainshower type head:

Any thoughts on the matter to help me with this decision?

Thanks in advance!


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I think it would look fine, but I'd worry about conflict with the swing of the bathroom door. (If someone opened the bathroom door right when someone else was coming out of the shower... yikes!)

Can you change the bathroom door to a pocket door? (Since that's a plumbing wall you'd have to steal a few inches from your closet.)

Where exactly are your towel racks? Is it hooks on the back of the swing door, or a rack or hooks in the wall across from the shower? If the former, clearly a pocket instead of swing door won't work. If the latter, make sure you can install those even with a pocket door in that wall.

BTW - beautiful tile!

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It's a swing door and cannot be changed to a pocket door because it's a specialty mirror door on order. The towel racks will be on the wall. Here are more pics. The interference with the door is a bugger.

Thank you!

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On the wall with the pocket door? Are you sure they can be installed there? It is usually very difficult to put anything into the wall that has a pocket door.

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Put it where the plan shows, with the rain shower head you should have no issue with the water.

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I just spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to post a photo here and I gotta say, you people are better than me.

That said, I had the EXACT same layout in my last house (I was going to show you, but ... you know ...) - using almost the same materials in our master remodel. You're just going to have to trust me that it looked really nice with the door to the far right hah. We put the door on the side because of much less splashing through the crack. It was what our shower door guy strongly recommended and the looks thing was just an added bonus.

To solve the door swing dilemma, why not just switch the swing on the entry door out into the hallway? I can't tell if you have room from the picture, but if so, that's an alternative. You'd have to move light switches, too, but maybe that's no biggie.

Did you check on houzz for photos like this to see if other people put their doors on that angled side?

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Going to try again:


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mjtx2's picture

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Nice shower mjtx2! Well I had to make a decision today and wet to the house and stood there pretending to get in and out of the shower and really realized the shower door at the side would be a hassle with the main door interference, etc. So we went with the middle. The shower is so wide that I can't imagine water will even spray that far. Hopefully all will be well :)
Thanks everyone for helping me think through this. It really helps having others to bounce things off of.

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