Jenn-Air Combo or Separate Wall Ovens?

acgummadJuly 22, 2013

Brand is decided: Jenn-Air. Trying to make a decision between buying a combination single wall oven and speed oven/microwave, or the two ovens, separately.

The major advantage (that I can see) with buying the combination unit is that the control panel for both ovens is integrated. This is both practical from an operations perspective, and reduces height required for two control panels on each appliance thereby giving a bit more cabinetry space.

The major disadvantage (that I can see) is that the combination is then one appliance. Once one oven goes, then the whole thing is shot. This feels like a bad move, but we've had a Kenmore Elite combination microwave and wall oven for the last 11 years without one service call.

I THINK there may be one other major disadvantage, which is that the combination appliance has the speed cook capabilities in the big oven, and not the small one. This doesn't make any sense to me, but I could be wrong.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

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Sophie Wheeler

I think you pretty much quashed any discussion with your declaration that the brand was decided. I don't think there are many on here that would agree with that choice.Plenty would agree with separate appliances for separate functions though. Buy the best in class for each function.

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Wow, what an unhelpful response. My question didn't have anything to do with brand. It was a general appliance question. Unfortunate that this got missed.

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Buy the best for each function is frequently repeated advice on here. I don't see what was so "unhelpful" about that. I definitely agree that I wouldn't buy Jen Air, pretty much no matter what. Their customer service is godawful. Unfortunately, a lot of people need to deal with them.

If you want a speed cooker, buy an Advantium. They've done it long enough that they know what they're doing.

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I would agree, you (acgummad) have handcuffed everyone since you said clearly that the Brand is decided and it is Jenn-Aire.

Now I don't know much about that brand to be honest, so I won't comment on that. But if you limit it to only that brand you are really not giving yourself many options.

Personally, to answer your questions about double or single wall ovens, I would never get a double wall oven for the reason's you pointed out. Why put yourself in that position if you can avoid it, and have the space and money to get single ovens.

Now, if you would like other options outside of Jenn-Aire I am sure others would be glad to offer up opinions.

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Phil, thank you for your opinion. Finally, a reply that addresses my question. Some people really like their combination units - they require less cabinetry space and can be easier to reach.

In the end, I went with two separate ovens. Just seemed like the more conservative approach.

For those stuck on the brand I selected - I'm getting the ovens for free, and my retailer handles all warranty issues up to five years, so I won't deal with whirlpool directly, if something happens.

Next time, I will refrain from mentioning the brand in hopes of attracting useable responses to my question.

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No need to hide the name Jenn-air.

Jenn-air has been , since 2006, the most reliable SxS and built in fridge according to respondents to Consumer Reports surveys,
(Not CR's take, but inputs from buyers of the JA fridges).
(Disclaimer)!!!! To be honest, I have not checked to see whose ahead in 2013

I bought mine in 2006, due to the features it had, No other 48" built in had those features back in 2006. I also checked CR before buying,
At the time, there were only 3 manufacturers of 48" built in fridges, GE, SZ and JA.

JA was rated number one for reliability again by CR respondents to a survey, (NOT CR's take). One of the contenders was "dead last" in that same survey, and since I already owned a GE and could not get parts for the ice maker, even after only one year, and rust along the side of it, GE was OUT TOO!!

Anyway, long story short, bought the JA and we have loved it for going on 7 years now.

I Can't speak about the other JA appliance, (No personal experience), but reading reviews on their newest appliances, most seem to be positive, and I do like some of the features on the newer ones. AS I mentioned, (in other posts), I do hate their "hide the price marketing scheme", something they picked up from SZ,
(who has since abandoned that foolish Marketing Scheme)!


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