Nativities and More

phonegirlDecember 3, 2012

I'm so excited to join the nativity action this year on Holidays.
I have admired all of yours for years. I'm sharing a few other photos too.
The santa tray is one I painted a few years ago. The nativity ornament
hanging on the right side was DM's.

Here's a close up for you Jeanne. I used some of DGD's blocks and painted
the letters silver to spell the word 'Grace'.

Notice all I have are the 3 wise men? I still haven't come across the rest of the set.hmmm

Do any of you remember my blocks I painted last year or my little nutcracker
I gave DGD and she gave it back for me to decorate with?

This is a Homco nativity set. The tree came from Target.

Top of fridge and cabinet. The crystal santa lights up. I added red and green balls in my covered cake pedestal.

Tea Cart decorated with Gingerbread theme. I painted the Ginger tray in the back ground. Added a
red and white spiral candle in the lantern. The ginger plates were from Michaels after Christmas last year.

I will post more pictures in another post. TIA for looking.


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Oh wow, punk ... everything is looking so festive! I love your nativity sets ... that Homco set has such 'soft' colors ...& manger one w/ 'Grace' in front of it looks like the 'molds' from the older nativity sets (hope you find the rest of the pcs). Love the 'blocks' idea ...both the JOY & GRACE.

The top of your fridge looks pretty 'classy!' ... sequins & glitter trees of red along w/the tall candlesticks w/glassware & it! that will be pretty w/Santa lighting up in the crystal. I'm hooked on teapots (& don't like tea even) I noticed that pretty red one up there, too! & the covered cake pedestal looks very cool!

You've been working this weekend, lady! It shows! TFS! Jeanne S.

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once again...what JEANNE said !! LOL. But I really can't think of another to add, she covered it all perfectly.
Everything is wonderful, I always enjoy your decorating arrangements so very much.

hugs, Karen

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Oh my goodness Punk, this is just wonderful!!
I love it all.
I don't know how you find the time to do it all.
It took me all day Saturday to put up my tree and it's only 6 feet tall.
I won't say I'm slow but you get the picture.

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What they all said!! lol

I'm especially partial to the gingerbread.
I decorate my kitchen in gingerbread.


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Thanks Jeanne, Karen, Nana and Gail
for all your comments on this decor.
Gail, I hope you will share your
Gingerbread decorations with us here.
I didn't used any of mine from last
year so hope one of these years I will
get all of them together in the kitchen


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Punk...I want some of what you're drinking!!
Wow've been quite a dynamo doing such beautiful
decorating all around your home.
I LOVE all your Nativites..each one so different and lovely. I like the Homoco one very reminds me
of the set my DM had. Love seeing your Painted trays and
plates again. I miss when you used to show us each time you painted something.
I like the red/crystal and silver display over your fridge and your cute Gingerbread vignette on your teacart. Those gingerbread plates are the cutest.
I have to tell you as I see you've been collecting more and more of Everything (lol)..GURL...where do you store it all ??
It's always such fun seeing all your decorations and I'm smiling ea time as I picture you 'whirling around' like a tornado because you do it so quickly..and GOOD too!

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Your Nativites are great. I always thought I'd start a collection, but never quite got going on the idea. The Homco set seems kind of large. Is it? I like its stable. Just enough to give you an idea, but doesn't' take away from the figures.

Those ginger plates are adorable. I'm surprised that you found them at Michaels. I don't think I saw them last year. Why am I so sure? Because I would have bought a set for sure! Love them.

You mentioned not using a few of your Christmas plates last year. This year,
I decided to get out a couple of sets of my Christmas dishes and put them in my everyday dishes drawer. I put the everyday dishes in a Christmas tub and took it back out to the garage. That way, I am sort of FORCING myself to use my dishes. They're all dishwasher proof, so I just use them for everything. Normally, I'd only use them for parties and on Christmas Eve. It's been sort of fun to pull a couple out and make a sandwich and eat off them. Seems more like December when I do.

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well everyone has said pretty much what I would have said - being a Christmasaholic naturally I LOVE everything. I so admire the way you put things together and create such cute vignettes - well done .....


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Marlene Kindred

Well, I'm admiring your painting skills! Love the Santa tray, the blocks and all your painted items. Hope you find the rest of your set that the poor orphan wise men belong to! Love all of your favorite is the Homeco as the colors. Everything looks wonderful as always!

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Jane and OA, the Homco nativity set is a nice size as you can tell by the picture. Glad you liked the GB plates too.

Jane, how sweet, you miss my sharing the new things I paint. I hope to get back to painting again one of these years in my spare time. I will send you a picture of our big shed!

OA, what I meant to say was I didn't display my gingerbread things I did last year. Do you like your dish drawers? Nice you are using your dishes this year. I should use more of mine. Too busy decorating and shopping to pack away the old and bring out the new.

Lynne, so glad to have you back posting. Hope you will be sharing some of your decor soon.

Marlene, I'm not sure I'm going to go get more totes out of the shed this year. If I don't those poor wise men will not be reunited for another year!ha The Homco set is a pretty nice set. I also have a silver set but I can't seem to photograph w/o glare so I can share.

Thanks ladies. Your sweet comments make all this decorating worth my time.


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