Liebherr CS2060 issue

tulip55July 29, 2013

Purchased this unit in Dec '12 and just installed in our new house in May '13. From the very beginning I have had issues with the production of ice.

I am on the fifth service call for a continuing problem with the icemaker water supply tube/fitting. The fitting where the water enters on the back of the unit has repeatedly ejected itself from its position leaving water flowing onto the floor. If the icemaker works at all, it makes a few rounds of ice then quits.

My theory is that somewhere in the water's path a freeze up is occurring, thereby ejecting the plastic fitting from its position when water tries to enter. I have searched but have not seen this particular issue mentioned.

Any ideas? Possibly someone to call at Liebherr other than service as they have been "telepathic"so far and knew what parts were needed without a service call. So far they stink!

Thanks for any insight.

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We had a similar issue with my CS 2062 and basically, what was happening was the water pressure in my home was just enough to cause the tube to eject from the icemaker. We determined that there was no water getting to the icemaker and it was otherwise working so my repairman was able to create a "brace" at the back of the refrigerator where the tube comes in and we have had no problems since then.

Liebherr was great as far as dealing with the technical issues. They walked me through a basic diagnostic and they approved a repair right away. The first repairman was a joke, but the second guy was on top of it and got it taken care right away. I think the phone support for Liebherr is pretty good and technically sound, but your field technician is a hit or miss type of thing.

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