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christmascandyDecember 15, 2010 now it might be getting obvious that I don't miss any spot.....

the top of the frig with a lighted village

The left side of the counter. The snowman plate was a gift from a student a few years ago. The cookie jar was many years ago and the matching pitcher and sugar bowl were TS last year.

The largest tree in the kitchen has saltdough gingerbread people I made in the 80's, cookie cutters, small kitchen implements, apple ornies, peppermint ornies, and red/white gingham bows and striped ribbon. It is "planted" in a tea kettle I painted with a holly design around the bottom. The tree has red mini lights.

tree close up

The clothespin reindoor I made from a 2 x 4 in the mid 80's

This window looks out to the sunroom.

I don't have traditional window sills, so I put decorations on the window tops.

So...that is one room,

I hope I didn't bore you,



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Candy I just love your Kitchen Tree! You have it decorated with so many cute things. I remember making salt dough ornaments too..Yours held up very well.
I wish I had a spot for a Kitchen tree..I'm so envious of all the ones I'm seeing here.
Your Village display on the fridge and the Snowmen on the counter are really adorable.
You've done an amazing job, and I loved looking at it all.


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Candy is good for us. LOL. That village is REALLY cute!
Can you tell me more about it? Your kitchen tree is also
adorable, great ornaments!
I'm too tired to make sense, so just know that I am loving seeing your things.

hugs, Karen

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So much eye-candy for Christmas! (from no one other than, christmascandy!) I'd venture to say that your computer broke down for the mo. so that you'd be blessed with more time for decorating...but now that your computer is back up & running, we are more blessed! TFS your kitchen! A beautiful kitchen, it is! Jeanne S.
Kitchen tree...magnificient!

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A kitchen tree is just the perfect place for gingy ornaments. I really like the kitchen utensil ornaments on it too. Cute village display above the fridge and I love that you put your tree in an old tea kettle. Yes, I can tell that every surface gets the Christmas touch at your house. Nice job. Luvs

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You MADE the reindeer???? Very cool. I love him. Got a pattern?

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Every inch, that's my kind of decortating. What a great kitchen, it looks so cozy, the green and red work so well for Christmas. I love the little village, I like the whimsical look of it. And your kitchen tree is precious, love the kitchen ornies. Okay, off I go to your other post, can't wait to see the others.


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Just delightful - I am now figuring out what to add to the top of my fridge - I have decorated a 24" tree to put up there thanks to your inspiration - keep the pictures coming - love them all ......


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Candy, sweet lighted village display on top of your fridge. Cute snowman counter display. I love your kitchen Christmas tree with all the decorations and saltdough gingerbread people you made. You are so talented with all your creations. The clothespin reindeer you made is cute and so is the santa beside it.

Your kitchen curtains are great and I enjoyed seeing all the decorations you've posted. Thanks again and so glad your computer is working now. We've missed having you here with us.


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Candy, when you told me in an earlier post, when I first joined this forum, that you went all out for Christmas, I knew that you were a kindred spirit. I love everything that you have done: infact it looks so Christmasy that Santa may just decide to live at your house instead of going back to the North Pole. I love your kitchen. That little gingerbread house on the sleigh is just too cute. I did Cermaics in the late eightys and early ninteys and most of what I did was Christmas. I have a nativity, a Christmas tree, A music box with Santa and Mrs. C dancing and my very favorite is a village reminicent of "A Christmas Carol" setting. Your Magi room reminded me that I had done a crossstitch picture that I need to frame that says "Wise Men Still Seek Him". It was supposed to be framed with a mat that had a wise man on a camel cut in the corner, but I could never find the mat. I bought 3 Wisemen at DT to just sit by it. I think that will work, don't you? Someone ask in another post how many wreaths I had made. I never really kept count, but would say that I averaged 20 per day. Starting Oct 30 and ending this past Friday) If I made big one 24" and up maybe 12-15 and if small 10-12 inch maybe 40. I always try to make enough to cover my Christmas shopping for the kids and Gks. You don't know how many times I thought about you guys, while I was working and wishing I had a way to give all of you a fresh wreath. I think my love of Christmas is why I like doing the wreaths so much. One year I let DH talk me out of doing them, and it just never really seemed like Christmas that year. Does anyone here use a train in their villages or under their tree. My DH has a model train that I used to use under my tree. Had to quit that for the present due to two little GSs.Like everyone else, I have to keep going back to look again, my little brain can't handle such an overlood at one time. It really is GREAT!!! Janet

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Candy, What a treat to be able to look at all your treasures
and the wonderful way you've displayed them.

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Thanks again,
The village on the fridge top came in a box marked "Elements" and the only other words are "12 piece holiday village set." It was a gift from youngest DD because one of the buildings is a Candy Shop.

OA, each "clothespin" is 26" long and I did not have a pattern, just tried to copy the outline of an old fashioned clothespin. The head is just a pin turned upside down and a piece of 2 x 8 makes the body between the other 2 pins. He has long fake eyelashes and the tail and nose are large pompons. I cut it out with a jigsaw and used large furniture clamps to hold it together while the glue dried. The rest is paint.

Janet, I have a Christmas Train that goes around the tree in the family room. It can play several Christmas songs, but is so loud, I usually don't turn the music on. 2 yr old DGS stayed overnight last week and loves it!! He "has to need to make it go." He also prefers it going backward for some reason.

I think the wisemen by your crossstitch sounds perfect.
I can't believe you make all those wreaths, but I bet it smells wonderful!

Also, the train has plastic track that snaps together and it always seemed to come apart behind the tree, so this year I scotch taped each junction and it seems to be working.

I'm glad everyone enjoys the pictures.

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