Beverage Fridge OR Drawers for BAR Area

2LittleFishiesJuly 28, 2012

We're planning a 4' bar area in our dining room. We thought a 24" beverage fridge and are now wondering about doing drawers instead. What are any pros cons for each and the types of things you can put into them? I don't see a lot of photos of the interiors.

Can you still lay wine down in the drawers? We're not huge wine drinkers but would like to be able to put a few in there? Also for bottles of soda, cans, juice boxes...

We'd like to do a custom panel but I think both drawers and doors can be purchased that way..

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If it were me, I would go with drawers. At my age, stooping to reach into an under counter fridge would not be fun. Also, many beverage refrigerators are designed for wine and may not get cold enough for beer/soda.

I think the quality of each type varies a lot and good ones are not inexpensive.

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I'm looking at Marvel for bev fridge or drawers. Also, KA or GE Monogram drawers.

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I am just now looking at beverage refrigerators. We are planning on a refrig over a drawer. The drawers seems to be quite expensive. We are storing some wine and then sodas and juice in there. I am looking at the GE monogram or the U-line refrig. I was looking at Danby but I have been reading some dismal reviews of them. OUr budget for an under counter refrig is $1200. There are better ones out there like Perlick or Marvel but they are out of our price range. I have not looked at a kitchen Aid yet.

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We have the electrolux beverage center and wine fridge in our kitchen side by side. Its our second kitchen using an electrolux beverage center.

It runs fairly quietly, has nice bright lighting, pull out shelves and room for wine bottles at the bottom. We love ours!

As far as price, check out, they typically have floor models available for 25-50% off the list price, just be sure to check the details on its condition, you obviously dont want one with dents on the front.

Product link:

Sears outlet:

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I will have to check that out!

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We have Elux refrig drawers. Love them. Big splurge for our kitchen. Six cu ft. Capacity. Drawers glide easily. Holds lots of soda, wine, produce, extra baking goods-flours, seeds, nuts.

I could not crawl around to access contents of a non-drawer fridge. This is easy.

It is also very quiet. It looks great.

We've had one bump in the road. Two Perrier water bottles froze and some produce(lettuce), too. I don't know what happened.It's been fine since. We'll see if it happens again.

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