What color grout with white subway in a tiny bath?

elphaba_gwJuly 15, 2013

What color grout should we use in a very small 53 inches by 8.5 ft master bath? Tile is white shown below. Floor is taupe. You can barely see the bullnose at the top of the picture below. (work still in progress...)

I had hoped maybe to paint the walls above the tile some pale color - maybe pale lime green. My contractor thinks maybe a pale pale gray would be a good color for the grout. I was originally thinking white. Wouldn't the gray (even if pale) conflict with any color or make things too busy in such a small space?

I think one issue is that my contractor is using the new some say revolutionary grout known as Fusion Pro (or something like that). It is supposed to work like epoxy grout where there is no staining as it ages. Credible tile people are saying it is really great grout. And unlike epoxy grout, it isn't supposed to turn yellowish. But it is still new and there is always the possibility of a surprise. And if I have chosen white and it turns yellow, that wouldn't be good.

Should I take the risk? Or maybe use a paler shade of the color I choose for the wall above the tile for the grout? Thoughts?

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We're redoing our small main bath and plan on light gray grout with white subways.

You didn't say what style bath you are planning on. Gray grout tends to yield a more old-fashioned look, white grout a more modern look. (Though I've seen photos of gray grout with modern fixtures and of course vice-versa.)

If you look on the web for white baths there are photos of white subways with gray grout, including in small bathrooms.

I don't think the room size matters.

Can't say anything about that new miracle grout -- our tile person hasn't mentioned it! We did our other bath with white grout a few years ago and there is already some yellowing, to our annoyance.

Our current very old bath has tiny dark gray grout lines, and there is no issue of them clashing with the wall color. I don't think this will be an issue with light gray grout -- at least I hope not!. Of course if you pick a colored grout it could constrain future wall color options, if that matters.

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I agree that it very much depends on the style or look you are going for. Medium grey is the historic color of original subway tile. But, from the looks of your picture, because the tile is not in traditional subway staggered rows but more of a uniform grid, I am thinking you might be going for more of a modern look? If that is the case, I would either go with white or a very dark grey. The first would make the whole wall more of a monochrome field of white. The second would make the grout lines pop and would be more graphic.

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I agree that it depends on the style of the room. We did bright white with our oversized subway (4x10) in the hallway bath and couldn't be happier. The room has a vintage 60s gray tub (see photo of grouted but still uncompleted), but we've got very modern looking large floor tiles, vanity, faucets. So the white grout brings the subway tile and gray tub to the more modern side. If we had gone with gray there will be less melding of the elements in the room.

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