anyone have Bucks County (Owens Corning Cultured Stone) installed

nikinikinineJune 14, 2012

We had selected Bucks County as our stone, and in the sample boards we were given it read very gray with some purple and blue tones. I asked our stone rep for a few local addresses where the stone was installed and we drove out over the weekend to see the installations and one looked gray like our samples, but another looked very brown. I've done some google image searching, but the pics I'm finding are pretty low res.

I'm wondering if the grayer example house had their mason remove as many of the tan stones from their pallet as possible. Or if this color just reads differently across the board.

If you have Bucks County installed inside or on the exterior of your home, would you mind sharing some photos? Thanks in advance!

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go to the green house has bucks county ledgestone

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thank you!

I drove through another neighborhood in our town tonight too and saw Bucks County. That stone is definitely browns/tans and not blues/grays like the sample boards I was given. I really wish we could just pick stone and not be confined to Owens Corning :/

Back to the drawing board.

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We too, were having a helluva time selecting a color. I found that the sample boards weren't all that reliable in terms of how the finished project might look, mainly because:

#1.) The boards do not contain every stone/color for that particular product.

#2.) Owens Corning no longer owns Cultured Stone and some of the line has changed slightly even though the product name remains the same. If possible, it's best to to try and view the actual stones you are considering in the crate versus using the sample boards.

If your looking for blues and grays, consider "Echo Ridge". It's a brand new color available in Country Ledgestone. We will be using this on our project.

...but here is a pic of Bucks County.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mx702 were you able to get your hands on a sample board? I just called our stone rep to see if we can see the echo ridge in person. If you get pics of your installation or even samples I'd love to see them. TIA!

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I do have a sample board of the Echo Ridge. The stoneyard did not have it on display (or even knew ER existed for that matter) but was able to order 1 from their supplier. True to form though, the board does NOT look quite like the pics available on the website. The overall color scheme is still predominantly grey, but somewhat lighter with a few stones bordering on white. We actually like the softer colors more and believe it will gel with our project better than than the darker pallette would have. I will take pics of the sample board I have in the next few days for you.

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Thank you!

This is the house I've been using for inspiration on the look we're going for. The stone rep gave me Bucks County and Fog/Aspen when I showed her that. I've been so disappointed. Really looking forward to seeing your pics and getting my hand on a sample board. Sounds much more like what we were hoping to find.

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That's a gorgeous home.

If there's anything I've learned through this process - it's that not everyone views/interprets colors in the same manner. However, if your goal is to mimick the stone in your inspiration photos, I believe the Echo Ridge would suit your needs quite nicely. I'll try to get the pics up by tomorrow night.

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We are going with Echo Ridge for our fireplace. I was also looking for a medium grey with blueish undertones since that's the color of my couch. I had originally looked at Bucks County but it did look very burgundy/purple when I looked at the sample. I had looked at "Gray" southern ledgestone but it was very dark.

Here is a photo of my sample of Echo Ridge. It's looking a little warmer here than it is in person (iphone photo - sorry). I think it's very pretty.

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By soopah_noviss at 2012-06-17

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Yes, my sample of echo ridge looks more like mx702's couch (which the sample is sitting on) is a very true cool grey color and the wall behind is white.

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ahhh! I love it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was losing my mind over these stone selections. I'm so happy now. THANK YOU!!

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