How to turn the shower on when you have a glass door

tartanhabitJuly 14, 2012

and other questions I have ...

We will have a tub/shower combo in our soon to be remodeled bathroom and I'd like to install a frameless (or minimal frame) glass door. Not a sliding door that goes across the whole width of the bath - one of those doors that is probably about 1/3 or so of the length of the tub.

But what mystifies me is how you turn the shower on and have the water warm up nicely without having to actually get in the tub and turn it on.

Can you get ones where the glass door swings out a bit allowing you access to the shower control? What kind of size is good for taking a shower and not having water splash out beyond the glass door?

Any insights, brands to look at appreciated, etc. Thanks.

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I think they are hinged. Very cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: On Amazon

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My door swings out for the exact reason you mention. I did not want my door all splashed up before I even got in the shower!

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Excellent, thank you beeps - nice visuals & link!

Jeannie, what size door do you have? Just wondering what's a good size so that water doesn't splash out beyond the showering area.

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